My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

Jeannette /

Hey moped lovers- here is the situation, please tell me what you think!

I have been aspiring to own a moped for two months now. Since then I have learned much about mopeds, and have discovered your organization. I had dreams about them, and even want to start a moped club called the Distraktors. I decided to keep it a secret from everybody until I bought it- because then people would see how cool the moped was without arguement. One by one, people figured it out; most were supportive, some were not, and some said I should rather have a scooter. I swore never to tell my dad- who loves cars more than he should and has been pushing me into getting a car for years. Today, I decided to let him know, because a minor crisis warranted letting this information loose. He freaked out and denounced my desire for a moped. He said it was too expensive ($1600) and that I would find a car (used) for less than that. He also said that he would help me buy a car, but not a moped. "Mopeds are dangerous!" he said, "How would you be able to move your stuff around?" and "why would you spend so much money on something so slow?". Now I will be forced to go out and look for a car with him and his girl friend. I dread having to get a liscense, pay insurance, and spend so much on gas to get places. Even though I know how, I have a fear of driving cars and I hate them in general. What would be the polite and efficient way to let my dad know that I just want a moped, and if he wants me to have a car that is his business? Should I take his offer and save up for a moped later? Please help!!!!

Jeannette (18) from Florida

Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

Mopeds are dangerous, eh? They go a wee bit faster than a bicycle. If you wear a helmet, a moped is safer than a bicycle. If you have enough money now, I'd buy a moped. Good luck.


Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

Steeltoad /

You need to get your dad on a good ped, not a rag-tag one. Cars are good, and you probably should get one.

For the moped, get a good used one a lot cheaper than 1600 for your first.

Show dad how insurance and gas for the first year will equal the cost of a good ped

Ask dad if he's also going to pay for your insurance.

A solid argument for mopeds.

Reeperette /

Tell him where to stick it.

If you buy a moped-priced car, within five years you'll put triple or more that amount into it via parts and labor, cause it won't hang in there, and will break down the worst possible times, and then ya have towing charges too.

That is...if it even lasts five years, which it won't, more than likely.

Then there's insurance, which for you, being 18 and a new driver, you might as well just slit yer wrists and pour your blood on the counter, for what they'll want to charge you.

Registration, Inspection, Emissions, Tags, etc...FORGET it.

Unless you like working 90-hour workweeks, do not expect to be able to afford both a car and important stuff like Rent, Food, and Bills at the same time - I've been down that route, and hated every second of it.

Having a moped has allowed me complete financial freedom since I was 17, and I am 30-some now and made a good deal of money....driving a cab (ain't THAT a laffer, me gettin paid to drive a car!), which solves any residual transportation problem quite nicely, thanks.

Mopeds are not dangerous, what's dangerous is morons in their own little world, on their cellphones, whatever, in cars, because it so isolates them from what they're doing that they don't pay attention - and you stand a far better chance of dodging THOSE morons on a moped than in a car.

Mopeds are not expensive in that YOU can do most of your own maintainence and repair, armed with Fred's guide and the knowledge you can find here, and for the mileage they last and the fuel they use, are the cost effective alternative.

As far as moving stuff goes, well, geewhiz....if I have to move my household, U-haul will rent me a truck for $20, whee, some big investment there <sarcasm>

If I wanna go visit the east coast, I can get an unlimited mileage rental car for $112 for a friggin WEEK, and at that cost, why the hell do I have to own one save as a keep-up-with-the-jones's 'status symbol' ?

My Roomie kind of regrets buying a car, being that her car is worth only $5,135 and she still owes about $12,651 on tell me that's a good 'investment' ?

I paid $450 for my moped, and it's current "blue book" value is over $700 in it's now-reconditioned shape.

The car I had, and was paying for...that lead to 90-hour workweeks to support it ? I traded it FOR a moped, and feel that was the best damn decision I ever made.

Your vehicle is supposed to support YOU, not the other way around, if I wanna support something with that kind of money, I'll have kids.

Don't expect parental figures to listen to reason on this issue, however...I wound up with that car being forced on me by an aunt, with the aforementioned results, and I've been on open-warfare terms with her ever since.

They have thier little status-quo perception of the world, and will stick to it, no matter how bad it hurts, and even when it's obviously's the way they were socially "conditioned" by their parents, and the way they'd like to socially "condition" you - situation as you explained it being a prime example.

With some of us it just doesn't take, common sense tends to be difficult to rub out in some of us, as it were.

Do not expect him to agree with you, but with luck you can maybe get him to respect your decision, your life, and how YOU feel about it, as long as you grant him the same respect in return.

Simple enough ?


Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

Well,Jeanette,go ahead and get your license(you won't regret it) and accede to his wishes,but just save up a few hundred dollars for a good used moped with variable transmission ir a 2-speed transmission.We'll help you get it going and keep it going here on the forum.OKAY?

Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

Another thing,Jeanette! There are several really reasonable shops to repair mopeds and scoots in Florida,and there are great moped riding roads there too.Especially if you live near the coasts.We go down every winter if we can and this year I'm taking at least 2 mopeds,possibly three.Where do you live,exactly?And be sure to show your Dad the posting by Reeperette a while ago.

Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

Simon King /

Well, I don't know how much more I can add that Ree didn't already cover. -- whew. Status quo, I think you really hit it on that one. People like to condem mopeds quickly rather than actualy consider what is good for a particular situation.

But you have to convience your dad, and that's a tricky thing. I would suggest making a chart of money that would be spend on gas/insurance with a car vs. gas on a moped. I would also figure in the average cost of repairs at certain mileage marks and do some research into crashes and moped related accidents vs. cars.

The most important thing is to remain clam about the situation. Mopeds are cheap - certainly you can get one for less than $1600. Try finding a cheaper one and start your bargining at that level.

Worst case situation, get a cheap car and a cheap moped. If he's willing to help you buy a car you might want to take him up on it. Or opt for a pickup truck so that you can haul your upcoming moped around easier.

Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

Hey,Simon! That's a great idea:a pick-up truck!You hit it there,pard.I think you may be a little devious.Ha!

Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

Be e-vile about it go on a test drive and wreck the car...... or just scare the crap out of him when you drive. Only problem- it will backfire.

Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

i'm w/ simon. you need to convince your parent(s) since they will have to bail you out of trouble later one. ok, if your dad wants to buy you a car, then let him. can't hurt. you can easily save up a couple of hundred bucks in the meantime to buy a moped on your own. get one that's easy to maintain and looks nice, that always helps. let him ride it (he'll love it, no one ever rides a moped and doesn't think they're neat).

agree to wear a helmet if you want to. show him you've thought about it and are not just jumping into something. let him know about how you'd save on gas mileage and repairs (and insurance). they go as fast at the speed limit allows (25-30mph is normal speed limit in city/town traffic. so point out that if it's slow, it's just because other people are speeding. play up the point that you'd rather enjoy the ride and get there safe than get there fast. that's a bonus and plays into his "safety" arguments.

then you can add a few more things: w/ a moped, you can't be hauling around 4-5 of your friends. so you won't become the person in your group of friends who's stuck hauling people all over the place. that also means that when you drive you'll be less distracted (no cd chaning, phone talking, turning around to chat w/ people, etc). dad's are always leary of having their baby girls riding around in a caravan w/ so many other people. so you play up his sympathies on that one. it'll also hint at the fact that you can't be picking up stray boys (you can't carry a passenger).

you can also add to that things about learning about simple maintenance and repairs, things that will come in handy on your car later on. if your dad's into fixing things, he might like that angle as well. your moped and its tuning up will become father-daughter bonding stuff. most fathers dream of having their daughters ask for a socket wrench set for a christmas gift.

finally, you can address his issue of carrying things around. you can always take a backpack for things (i get my groceries every week or so like that). you can also mention how infrequently you buy large items. and now you can't (no more spending dad's money or your own on frivolous purchase). and if you ever need to carry lots of things, you have friends and your parents to help. this is more for your own personal transportation.

i'm sure you can come up w/ some arguments. but be civil w/ him and let hime know that this isn't a whim. mopeds are economical and convenient forms of transportation. if your persuade him, he'll be more apt to help you out. who knows, maybe you can convince him to get one, too.

Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

J. Sailor /

Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

chuck russo (va) /

my parents were very anti moped when i told them i was gonna buy one. they said a bunch of stuff about how they were dangerous, my dad poked fun at me because hes the biggest gear head (he owns a mustang performance shop) and wonts me to get a mustang, which i will when i have enough money and get a lisence. but since i have bought my moped my parents actually like it because i never ask for a ride anymore, im not home bugging them, and its a ride to work (i dont have a job but i plan on getting one soon) and it cost like 1.50 to fill the tank up for about 90 miles.

once your parents see that its reliaghable, cheap, safe, and economical they willmost likely change there mind

Re: My dad hates mopeds! Please Help!

Better yet get your dad to go riding on one! Doug D

Wow! thanks guys- I feel a little hope coming on.

Jeannette /

I just came to quickly check the forum- I have to go to work like right now (on my bicycle)- but thank you so much for your support!! It is great to know that I have people on my side and vice-versa!!!! I will be sure to let you know how it goes!!!

Re: Wow! thanks guys- I feel a little hope coming

Jamie Leonard /

Good luck! To paraphrase "The Wind in the Willows" - "`Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing -- absolute nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about on a moped"

There's something to be said for a simple to ride, simple to maintain, easygoing and unique form of personal transportation that truly sets you apart from the disconnected-from-the-road set of metal box riders.

Re: Wow! thanks guys- I feel a little hope coming

Jamie Leonard /

Actually thought I'd include the full quote... it sums up nicely (Despite being about boats) my feelings about puttering around on a moped :)

'Nice? It's the only thing,' said the Water Rat solemnly, as he leant forward for his stroke. `Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing -- absolute nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing,' he went on dreamily: `messing -- about -- in -- boats; messing -- about in boats -- or with boats,' the Rat went on composedly, picking himself up with a pleasant laugh. `In or out of 'em, it doesn't matter. Nothing seems really to matter, that's the charm of it. Whether you get away, or whether you don't; whether you arrive at your destination or whether you reach somewhere else, or whether you never get anywhere at all, you're always busy, and you never do anything in particular; and when you've done it there's always something else to do, and you can do it if you like, but you'd much better not. Look here! If you've really nothing else on hand this morning, supposing we drop down the river together, and have a long day of it?'

People all too often make the mistakeof buying something impressive or practical or that meets the "status quo" and don't ask themeselves the very very simple question - do I enjoy it?

Re: Wow! thanks guys- I feel a little hope coming

Amen,Jamie!You said the good word there,pard!

Re: Wow! thanks guys- I feel a little hope coming

Yeah,Jamie! That passage could apply to my feelings about mopeding.But when I think of Ree in the same vein,I picture a boat........... WITH CAPTAIN AHAB THRASHING AFTER MOBY DICK !! I don't know why I get that pictured that way,do you?(:>])

Re: Wow! thanks guys- I feel a little hope coming

Jamie Leonard /

Hmm... Ree vs Moby Dick... well I can tell you, that whale would at least not be looking pretty after the bike chain got at him a few times ;)

Mind you the whale's probably safe until Ree finishes his "Aqua Moped" project I'm sure he's working on in his garage... ;)

Aqua-ped ?

Re: Aqua-ped ?

Jamie Leonard /

I think any Aqua-Moped Ree designed would include twin torpedo launchers :)

"Damn powerboat cut me off... whooosh!"

Re: Aqua-ped ?

Fred,you've got a picture for everything!

You guys give me twisted ideas....

Reeperette /

I never thought about it, since I despise seawater.

(pathologic fear will do that to ya).

But now that you brought it up......

Take an old peddle-boat and hook a moped engine to the shaft, leaving the pedals in place of course, for that true Mo-Boat feel.

Doesn't sound too hard, especially if you re-sprocket for torque instead of RPMs.

Torpedo's now...I think an old Army Surplus Mortar with delay fused rounds would be much more effective, hittin under the waterline with a pound of explosive is like hittin em up top with a tons worth, not to mention it would do nicely for food collection.....i.e. - fishing.

Fishing is not a sport, it is a way to drown a worm, and if I am hungry enough to eat fish, why the bloodyhell should I fight fair ?, we're at the top of the food chain fer a reason, yannow.


Re: You guys give me twisted ideas....

Ree,did you check the posts on the buy/sell forum ?They're talkin' about you.I don't know who started it;I swear I don't.HeHeHe!


Philip Illman /

Isn't $1600 a bit much for a moped anyway? How are you at mechanics and electrics - 'cos an old second-hand moped is just as good as long as you can restore it and maintain it.

I got a NU50 for


Re: Pricey

Good-looking bike for a Jap-job ,Phil! I know they're well-built.Just keep an eye on the carb float and needle valve.They're a little prone to trouble there.You got a good deal,man!

Re: You guys give me twisted ideas....

Jamie Leonard /

Or how about inflatable pontoons plus a friction drive attachment for the rear wheel to move a propellor... that way you could make it amphibious ;)

And after the mortar comment, I'm fairly sure you could come up with the sick ideas all on your own Ree. :)

Re: Wow! thanks guys- I feel a little hope coming

gimmyjimmy /

I really enjoyed that, I'm a boater too. I feel that way about my bikes and boat, just messing around with them either riding or working on them is relaxing.

As I asked this months ago, if there was a moped navy, would it's slogan be:

"swim and deploy" :{)

Re: You guys give me twisted ideas....

chuck russo (va) /

i have herd of people rewiring genorators and sticking the cables in the water and starting them and electricuting the fish and going out in a boat after they turn it off and grabbing all of them.

if u want to try a hard sport try bow fishing, i went bow fishing for 5 hours and didnt hit one. there were fish everyware i was mad

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