honda super cub 50 .. how to hotwire ?

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i have an old honda super cub 50 i received from my girlfriend,

it had been sitting since 1979, i wanted to see if i could get it

running just to play with, well after removing the carburator, gas tank,

and chain and gettin everything in good shape, it was then i realized

there was no key for it,, so,,, does anyone know how i can jumper

the keyswitch to see if this thing will run, or,, can i force a key in

there and make it work, without messing the whole thing up,.,.

ive spent too much time on this thing to give up at this point,</HTML>

RE: honda super cub 50 .. how to hotwire ?

<HTML>Remove the key switch and take it to a locksmith. They can make a key for around ten bucks.</HTML>

RE: honda super cub 50 .. how to hotwire ?

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<HTML>i would if it was just that easy, but there are about 8 wires soldered to the switch

only other thing i can think of is to load it in the back of my truck and drive it over there,,, </HTML>

RE: honda super cub 50 .. how to hotwire ?

<HTML>Don't unsolder the wires! Trace them back and you will eventually find a connector in the harness, or the wires may be separately connected. honda was pretty good at having connectors throughout Be careful in separating it as sometimes the plastic is brittle and over the years the connection seems to have welded itself together.</HTML>

RE: honda super cub 50 .. how to hotwire ?

<HTML>The Honda C-cub is a fourstroke bike, before you try it you should first check the valvesprings and valveclearence, the distribution chain and the camshaft. Check the flywheel and contactbreakers and make sure it has oil and stuf. Now about hotwiring it, it is possible to hotwire the bike, but you will always have a dead battery and the only way of stopping the engine would be closing the throttlestop-screw on the carb or waiting untill it runs out of feul. If there are 8 wires on the keyswitch someone has been messing with them, there should be only 4. Go buy a lot of different colored wires, connectors and the Haynes Honda C owners manual, this manual contains everything (I mean everything) about your honda, like the wirelayout of your bike so you can see exactly how the wires should be and restore them to their original state. It would be best to buy a new keyswitch, the partnumber is 66075NR, because hotwiring gives more trouble than it's worth. If you want more info about your bike, mail me at</HTML>

Re: honda super cub 50 .. how to hotwire ?

Hi, I had the same problem and solved it in half an hour. Just look on the lock for a lock number, find a shop where they copy the keys, and let them make one. Not every shop can do it, you have to find specialized one where they have a data base with all the lock numbers in the world ever produced. I am from the Hague and there is one.

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