Check this out!!!

Gotta be one of the coolest looking mopeds I've ever seen...

OOPS...Check this one out instead

Sorry, put that last number in wrong...should have been this:

(Somehow I erased the last #5...sorry)

Re: OOPS...Check this one out instead

Doesn't look too user friendly to me Vespalad ! But I bet when it was new it was a sharpie! Looks tough to work on.

Re: Check this out!!!

chuck russo (va) /

i saw that when i was on ebay a lil while ago, its so tight if i had the money i would buy it and restore it

Re: Check this out!!!

Its the Batmoped, where in the heak would Robin sit?

Re: Check this out!!!

Simon King /

sweet. I love the older bikes. I've always wanted to get an old motobecane from the 60's.

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