1985 Honda Spree

<HTML>My 1985 Spree won't start when the engine is cold unless I spray some gas into the carb. air intake. I figure the air horn is out of round and the automatic choke is not working. Anyone know have any ideas? What about a fuel primer like I they use on PWC or snowmobiles, do they make one for mopeds? </HTML>

RE: 1985 Honda Spree

<HTML> You don't have a choke and I don't know how an air horn would get out of round.

The Spree uses a device called an "Auto Bystarter". This is an electrically controlled jet needle that is normally open when the engine is cold and there is no ignition current being sent to it. Once the engine starts and warms up the needle closes the jet, which has a very small passsage that could be clogged. I had the same problem and had one cleaned out at the Honda dealer as they have the proper passage cleaning wires. You should first make sure there is power at the Auto Bystarter when the engine is running, then check the AB for a resistance value as indicated in the service manual.

The procedure is explained in the service manual and you need to have a digital multimeter to check the resistance.


RE: 1985 Honda Spree

<HTML>Jim, thanks, but I pretty much tried your suggestions on my own last year, although a Honda dealer did not perform these services. Do you think there is any merit to the primer idea? The horn can get out of round if someone screws up, one bolt s longer than the other, if they are interchanged, and you crank on it, it will cause an out of round problem. </HTML>

RE: 1985 Honda Spree

<HTML> It has been a while since I owned that Spree and didn't remember the air horn situation. As I said, mine had the same problem and that's how I got it fixed. If a priming system is what you need, then that may be the way to go.

The other annoyance with mine was that it was electric start only and if the battery didn't have 13.5168 volts, ( just 13, really) it would crank til the battery ran down and would not start. Hook up the jumper cables and it would kick over in half a turn. Never could figure it out. Not surprisingly, the next year model had both kick and electric!</HTML>

RE: 1985 Honda Spree

<HTML>I agree, my Spree is electric start only and it does create a lot of problems. I also own a 1992 Honda Elite, there is no comparison between the two machines, other than having two wheels. Bigger is better!</HTML>

RE: 1985 Honda Spree


I wanted to ask you guys a few questions if you don't mind. I have a 1985 Spree that has been sitting since then. I think I drove it maybe a few month. I was wondering if you knew if it would be worth fixing, what it might cost to fix, what might be involved in getting it running after 15 years, and if I was to sell it, as is, what I might be able to get for it.

Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Laguna Beach, CA</HTML>

RE: 1985 Honda Spree

<HTML> The basics to check would be the carburetor: remove and clean. Battery: replace.

Gas tank: Drain and clean out. Check the tires for cracking or splitting. Inflate to proper pressure.

Having done this, you can determine if it will run, and then you will want to keep it!

Hope this helps, Meridyth!</HTML>

RE: 1985 Honda Spree

<HTML>No 2-stroke will run for more than a few minutes after 15 years. Here's what to do: Take off the cilinderhead, cilinder and the pistonsprings (they should still be good if you've hardly driven the bike). Do you see that black goo on the springs and in the grooves for the springs? The springs will get stuck in the goo when you run the engine and you'll lose compression. You should clean the springs by soaking them in thinner over night and wiping off the goo the next morning. Use dentalfloss and WD40 on th goo in the grooves. Now remove teh carbondeposits in the exhaustport and put everything back together. (using new gaskets ofcourse) The engine will start after trying it for a few minutes and it'll run as good as new.


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