Magnum tires?

I need to get new tires for my Magnum...anyone know what I should be looking for? I don't know the particulars on dimensions and such...thanks for any help! My wheels are snowflake...

Re: Magnum tires?

Hey dude!

I'm in Back Bay and cruise in Cambridge every day!

I'd love to meet you and check out your Magnum!

I just got a 1980 Magnum MK II and I needed tires so I researched it a bit.. the ped calls for 17x2.50" tires...

I have Sava Viper racing tires on my other Puch.. they are awesome cause theyre twice as thick as regular tires... problem was when I tried to order them I was told that Sava had discontinued that size... they only make 17x2.25" now..

I wanted the extra width tire so I found a set of Michelin moped tires in the 17x2.50 size at for 35 bucks and they look and fee like awesome tires.. the thing is theyre only rated for 30 mph and the Savas are rated for 62 mph but I'm hoping they will be ok!

Re: Magnum tires?

Hey, nice! Another magnum in the area...Mine is actually not in operation at the moment, and I'm really looking for someone to help me get it running. I tried at the end of last summer but to no success. It was running fine all summer long too, but it all started when I snapped my throttle cable. After that, I may have put too much ATF in it and I had a leak off what looked like a breather hole at the top of the block. I took a spill but with no damage to the ped at all, surprisingly. It's sitting dormant for a while at my place in Cambridge. She's in great condition overall though, with a proma exhast really made it tear.

I don't think there would be an issue with the tire, as long as you don't plan to do 40+ for an extended period of time. If you know anyone who could work on her, please let me know...the weather is killing me not being able to ride!

Thanks for the info on the rear had a slow leak and I'm sure the winter didn't ease its issues.

- Phil

Re: Magnum tires?


Where have you been my friend? It has been awhile! Your bike is not running? We can all get that running nice this summer! I am pretty busy at the moment but might have a secont to swing over and check it out sometime...

Re: Magnum tires?

Hey Phil

I can stop over anytime and help you get that ped up and running.. I bet we can have it fired up in under 15 minutes :))

I have tons of parts too cause I just finished restoring my 77 Newport and most of the parts are interchangeable.. so that's not a problem..,

I have a Proma on my Newport and it rocks!.. I just got a Biturbo for the Magnum and I'm just breaking it in...

I did the same thing with my tranny fluid the first day I got my Magnum lol... what a mess... fortunately Puch planned on peeps like us and designed it with an overflow hole lol

I just switched to Synthetic tranny fluid today and its awesome too.. you may want to think about doing that ..

Just let me know whe you have some free time and I'll swing by... I have a totally flexible schedule and I can always drop what I'm doing and come over with a little notice...


Re: Magnum tires?

Fred! I thought you forgot about has been a while. Haven't seen you around either, despite my proximity to you. Congrats on the move! Glad to hear things coming along nicely on your end...

Thanks a lot Daniel - I've been so worried about getting the old Mag out because of the spill I took. I'll definitely look into synth if you think it helps. Mind you, the bike has the 2hp 1-speed slapped on it instead of the regular 2-speed. I can't complain though, when it was cherry, it was quick.

Definitely any help from the local Massachusetts group is appreciated! I got so frustrated trying to fix it that I didn't know what to do with myself. The few rides I took with the kHz was too small a taste. I'd even be willing to give it over to someone and pay them to get it humming at this point! Anything to prevent what happened last year the day of the rally in Boston (dropping the ped, and the cable).

I'll let you guys know soon...this weather is perfect, and I could've used the transportation during the marathon yesterday that's for sure.

- Phil

Re: Magnum tires?


Just let me know when you want me to cruise on by and take a look at the ped... I have a flexible schedule and can take a look at it any time!


Re: Magnum tires?

Sweet...I think this weekend pending weather, I'll pull it out of dry storage and see what the true condition of it is. Should be interesting...after that, I'll be calling on assistance, I'm sure!

Re: Magnum tires?

Update on my Magnum: I decided to take it out of storage yesterday...the rear tire was flat, but it took air and to my surprise, the ped fired right up! It didn't cough, it didn't it was just waiting for me the whole time. It took a run around the block before it got back up to speed, but she's topping off at 29mph now, so that's good.

The ped still doesn't return to idle faster than I'd like when I'm going and let off on the throttle. Is this a common issue? Doesn't seem to have that problem sitting still when I rev it...what do you guys think? Fred, I think I mentioned this before the end of last summer, so the issue still hasn't been resolved by any of my attempts.

Re: Magnum tires?

Lets Rally!!!!!!

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