Got my choke fixed

Thanks for the help Ree, I took it apart tonight (Just finnished and have to be at work in about 6 hours). When I got the thing apart, I wasn't exactly sure what was wrong so I put it back together to take another look at how the choke slid and guess what, IT WORKED. I think that it was just taken apart and put back together wrong. The little latch thing was a little bent so I straightened it up and now have a carb with a working choke!!


Re: Got my choke fixed

Reeperette /

Good deal, and yeah, I figured the L-shaped piece might be a little bent.

Damned if I know what yer supposed to call half the parts, but I don't guess I hafta when trying to explain it to someone who wouldn't know what to look for by the proper names anyhow.

Remember to leave the choke on long enough, specially when it gets cold...I know it runs like shite with it on and one gets impatient....but poppin the choke off too early causes it to stall, which oft-times gets misinterpreted as another problem.

Doubly so since once you've done that, sometimes it wont start with the choke ON after stalling, which makes ya think somethings wrong when there ain't.


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