1991 Tomos Bullet - help needed

James Beckman /

<HTML>I have gotten ahold of a 1991 Tomos Bullet which, unfortunately, does not run. In trying to diagnose what is wrong, I believe I have found a problem in the electrical system. I am looking for an owner's manual and a manual for the engine itself (which is an A3 I think). I've looked a number of places and asked around a lot, but they seem to be fairly elusive to obtain. If anyone could help me out with where to get the manuals, a copy of them, or help with fixing such an engine, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

James Beckman</HTML>

RE: 1991 Tomos Bullet - help needed

<HTML>i just got a 92 tomos golden bullet ttlx and i have the manual. i could copy it and send it to you if you'd like. just lemme know. email me yer address and stuff.


RE: 1991 Tomos Bullet - help needed

I have a 1992 TOmos golden bullet ttlx too!!! But my clutch just broke. COuld somebody send me the diagram for the engine and clutch.

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