1978 vespa bravo collector?

Josha Anderson /

mostly out of ciriousity, I am wondering if my moped is at all a collectors item. its a 1978 vespa bravo, blue, not in the greatest shape but I might restore it. It has some light rust and a bad seat. I am cirious becouse I see vespas on e-bay and cragslist for rediculis prices, upwords of 2 grand, are these people just dreaming? can you really sell one of these mopeds for that much?

mostly I see the older, classic style for sale for alot (with the large front fairing), but I just saw a 1980 vespa for $2000, is there some kind of blue book for these? whats the deal?

Re: 1978 vespa bravo collector?

Bruce Wilkinson /

The Vespas that fetch the big money are scooters not mopeds. Your Bravo is a nice moped, but not a classic and worth a couple hundred dollars. Parts are not that hard to get ,so it's up to you if you like it enough to restore it. bruce

Re: 1978 vespa bravo collector?

hay man, saw your from the twin city's.

we do a ton of rideing in the summer

meet and greet 2nd week in may.

see ya soon.

Re: 1978 vespa bravo collector?

Your Bravo is not that rare but is a great little moped. If you clean the carb, put in a new plug and maybe points and condensor if needed, you will have a dependable moped that has good low end torque, is a great hill climber (for a moped),

With the price of gas increasing it may come in very handy.

I have lots of parts for Vespa Mopeds, New and used.


Re: 1978 vespa bravo collector?

Larry Picarello /

prices for vintage Vespa scooters have gone crazy!

some people have made big bucks by going to third world countries, buying cobbed together junk and reselling them on ebay. repairs I have seen are downright scary(but invevtive) using soda cans, wood etc...

Re: 1978 vespa bravo collector?

Josha Anderson /

yeah, ive been thinking of checking out the club, the problume is all 3 of my mopeds dont work, once I get off my ass though ill check you out

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