Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Chris Small /

I want to buy a brand new stock moped or scooter thats fast. Not 35 mph fast Im talking 45+ mph STOCK that is. It has to be a MOPED or scooter (meaning 50cc) and brand new. I dont want to buy the moped you modified or anything like that. All I was is a few suggestions and maybe a few websites to go to and have a looksie at what my options are for $1000-1600. Thanks guys =]

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

scooter would be a yamaha jog, mid 90's model or new. fucker does 55. Moped? go with a targa lx. most reliable and fast for your buy

No such thing

Your US Fed government (DOT) says that a "moped' must only go about 30 mph.

Anything faster is classified as a motorcycle.

However... a Yamaha Zuma is about the fastest 'scooter' you can buy... and it looks just like a scooter... but is classified as a motorcycle in most states.

And all states are a little different... and all police departments do not treat them equally...some would pull you over on a 38 mph Zuma and never even think it was a motorcycle (or care)... others might confiscate it and give you 3 or 4 tickets.

no plates

no insurance

no registration

no drivers license

You might have to settle for a 32 mph moped like the rest of us and then hop it up a little if you really want to go 40mph.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Check out the Kymco People Scoot. You can remove the restrictor plate (easy) and it hits 55. sells them.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Okay!You want a fast stock moped? The fastest I know of is the Avanti Autopower,but we're in the middle of investigating whether it has a lock-up problem which is clutch related.The `Supersport'(top tank) has been the chief suspect,and so I'm not recommending anybody runs right out and buy one without checking the history of this problem.But FAST ? A coupla' guys report 45mph and with pedals it may classify as a moped in most states! MODIFY THAT !!

Re: No such thing as a fast moped (stock)

Fred is right.

2HP, 30 MPH, Must have pedals and automatic transmission.

THAT is what constitutes a moped in the U.S.


Re: No such thing as a fast moped (stock)

Right,Jim! I know he's right on the general law.But can't we enjoy a 45mph Avanti AUTOPOWER if we can get by with it?My Sebrings will run 30-35,no problem,and they're mopeds in Ohio law.

Too much government interference

Yeah... that is the official law... but I know that some of them definitely push the 30 mph rule.. like Tomos.

Lets face it... this is not a billion dollar tax issue .. or terrorism... I think several manufacturers stretch it... and the DOT has bigger fish to fry.

The bad news is if the guy has a state who is picky... and the local cops like to pick on trivial things.

The worst I have seen here... was the Canadian from New Brunswick (or something)... who didn't have all the registering and insurance... and they ticketed him for $1200 (Canadian)... but that is still $800 US... ridiculous IMO.

To me the lowest form of motorized transportation should be exempt from all the rest of the BS required for cars.


SteelToad /

So if it has more than a couple of horsepower, and can go over 30, then its a motorcycle. BAM, insurance, registration, and misc. state bucks out of your pocket. So why dont people who have cars that can go over 55 have to pay extra.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

SteelToad /

I don't understand why it has to be stock/new, but if you wanna go REALLY fast, and you're just a little nuts, bolt one of these on the rack behind your seat. Technically, you will still be stock/legal, and you'll have quite a head turner

Re: Too much government interference

Yeah,Fred! I am fortunate to live in a small town area where the police aren't too hateful.BUT DON'T RILE `EM,`cause a small town with almost no `peds like I live in means INSTANT recognition by the authorities,for better or worse.I've always said that policemen and State Patrolmen should concentrate on the speeding tractor -trailer or drunk driver or wild teenage driver(loose nut behind the wheel)that goes on a wild ride tryin' to impress friends.I don't know if you read the post where I got pulled over for expired tags in Jackson by a young city cop,but I believe he just wanted to see the Motomarina up close.He said:`You know I can't let you drive that home'.I said:`So can I push it up the hill here?My house is only 1/4 mi. up that hill.' He said:`I've gotta leave.I can't let you drive that moped home.BUT I'm goin' that way,and I'm not comin' back this way,understand?' Of course I nodded and thanked him.When he was outta' sight,I rode it home quickly and got my tags the next day or so.Pretty cool cop,I thought.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Rich King /

I have a Derbi Atlantis and right out of the box it could run away and hid from most "Mopeds" and that is the straight up truth. I have a 76 PUCH w/a 70 cc kit. Which by the way is pretty good in the proformance column. But the un mod.Derbi out performed the modified PUCH hands down. I recently put a Terrigas high proformance exhaust on it. For a less than 50 cc scooter/moped, it'll hold its own w/an older 2 speed Vespa.

However, guy, my question is why does it have to be a MOPED and fast as hell. Unless you are into racing, which you are not or you wouldn't be asking this question, why a MOPED that is fast as hell. After all, isn't that an oxymoron. Now here's the scoup on speed as in going fast, your only limit Dude is $$. More money equaltes to higher performance equipt. which equates to SPEED. But on the street, in real life takes precedence, speed & mopeds "ain't worth the trouble or the money" because some Duphious on a medoicre small dirt bike or motorcycle is going to wipe you in a race or in ease of crusin (You can't take a chix crusin on a PED can you?). Also racing peds just don't hold up, after each race they have to be rebuilt. If you live thru this dream and are lucky, you'll only up broke and back to using shoe leather express, but smarter about how you spend money. it's your choice.

Rich ( I learned it the hard way)

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Chris Small /

To be perfectly honest I dont care what the cops think around here. I want to go fast on a moped. Why dont I get a motorcycle? Cause Im not 21 and cause I dont have 10k for a Suzuki Hayabusa. 50cc moped that does 45+ would do me fine and YES you can pick up chicks on moped ive done it before.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Rich King /

Good deal.

You've been some good choices guy - - Kymco's & Derdi's are probably at the top of the line in the Moped "speed merchant" catagory. Hopefully in your state they will remain on the approved MOPED List by the State DVM, because they have the last word. But remember just cuz you are on a ped, you are still subject to vehicle speed laws. Cops can nail you deader than 4 o'clock for speeding and reckless driving on a ped. In my area, the Judges are not the least bit lenient to Peds (as in further restricting your ability to obtain a Drivers License).

21 B4 you buy a bike, huh? Okay. Guy, B4 you invest this kind of cash in 1 of these peds you may want to consider, for the same price, a "Classic Muscle Bike" like the mid-80's Honda 250 Rebel (aka a "poorman's Harley"). It'll haul your butt faster and quicker and the resale value is great. Or better still buy an inexpensive used MOPED and save the money for a Hayabusa. Suzuki Hayabusa - - isn't that Japnanese for "Closed Coffin Funeral"? Ok enough joking around. Look, from the voice of experience, going real fast on a MOPED is just plain jackassed dumb. I did it and I am just lucky enought to live to tell it to you. Don't speed on a PED. Been there, and it ain't pretty. Rich

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Get a 125 scooter and lie to the registry about the CC.

That should work.

I'm under the impression that most 50cc bikes are limited to a set speed.

My guess is that a moped class vehicle won't do 45 fresh off the dealer floor. It aint gonna happen.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Hi,Wayne! Healin' up properly I hope?About the 45mph;All I know is at least 2 peoplke said `after break-in' that the Autopower would do it.I have no reason to doubt them.Heck,a guy told me he had an unmodified ANKUR that would do 40 easy.Now my Ankur won't do over 25 mph ,but it will when I get thru with it.HA!! It's probably like cars, Wayne.Some cars are just plain faster although they are supposedly the same as an identical model.I've seen that many times.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Chris Small /

Because you screwed up on a moped doesnt mean everyone else will Rich. My friend Dan flipped his car, does that mean Im gonna flip my car? Besides that Im only 17 and the law states you MUST be 21 before you can ride a motorcycle, legally. The honda idea isnt going to work =[. Theres a loop-hole in florida law that states you need a drivers liscence to operate a moped/scooter on any public road but on the next page in the same booke it states no liscense or anything is needed to drive a moped on the road. Im just looking for a fast stock moped off that lot to take the restrictor plates out of it or but a bore kit on it.

True cops dont mess around with speeding but I dont care to be perfectly honest. Radar detector on the "dash" could be a way around it. If I get the "bike" tagged and wear a helmet and do the speed limit thats no reason to pull me over unless I do something stupid. Why a helmet? So they cant see my face while riding, why else? Its not like my brain is important or makes my whole body work.

All I wanted is a few suggestions, not a war on whats wrong and right in the moped/scooter world.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Hey,Chris,Rich is just concerned for you,that's all.So am I.Take it easy,man!Drive however you like.We're just sayin' our peace `cause we've seen enough mutilations of young guys on bikes of all kinds.You want to live to get that Hayabusa ,don't `ya?We're not lookin' down on you at all.Enjoy your youth!Man! I wish I could go back and be where you are now.Seventeen! Thirty two years ago for me.WOW! Time flies,it really does!

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

I was looking in the"recalls" for mopeds, from the link in the resources section. from the information there, mopeds are routinely denied importability due to exceeding the speed limit.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Actually, I was looking at the recalls site again, and it seems that mopeds are denied import or are recalled due to everything except going too fast.

Most of the recalls were due to the wording of a sticker or something silly--

So, maybe it's true-- a stock moped doing 45 seems too good to be true.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

ok, if you want a stock moped that does 45mph or more ... it all depends on what you mean by 'stock' and/or moped. most older mopeds did around 30mph tops at 'stock'. but stock is a relative term. my bianchi was built to go 15mph (not joking!) but it now runs at over 40mph. most of it is still 'stock' in a certain sense (at least the parts that got it to about 30mph.

the reason most people aren't giving you the kind of answer you're looking for is that few mopeds do more than 35mph 'stock' in any sense at all. those that might, are hardly ever imported into the us.

unlike some newer scooters, mopeds didn't have restrictor plates, it's just a matter of specific parts. my bianchi did 15mph 'stock' because it had a small carburetor and slightly less-than-50cc cylinder/piston. so upgrading it to a regular carb and piston/cylinder brought it up to about 30mph (which is 'stock' in other mopeds w/ the same engine).

now some older and newer mopeds do 30-35mph 'stock' quite easily. there are a few motobecane mobylettes in town that do about that much and are pretty 'stock'. a vespa grande will do 30-35 'stock' as well. i think some garellis are also fast, so are some sachs. with a little tinkering, most mopeds can do more than that.

now, i do hear that some new mopeds (esp. the derbi) do about 45-50mph 'stock'. so i'm sure you can find a moped that goes that fast. but ... it also comes down to availability. so you might have to go w/ a slightly slower moped and mod it out.

now a new derbi can cost as much as $2k (if you can find one in the us). that's a bit of money. for $300 or so you can get a good moped and spend another $200 or more to mod it out for speed. it might be worth it to you. and it's not hard ... the total work hours to mod my bianchi to do 40+ was about 45 mins not including the time it took me to get it to a 'normal' 30mph. that's how long it took me to pop on a new carb, polini exhaust, and larger front sprocket.

many states do have speed limits on mopeds. but i'm not sure they're enforced. michigan has a 30mph speed limit on mopeds, but i've never been pulled over on my bianchi.

now scooters can go a bit faster, but most are also restricted to comply w/ state/local speed laws. i don't know much about scooters to know how to change that, though i've been told it's also rather simple.

the best solution ... if you have the means ... is to find a fast moped/scooter out-of-state (if your state has speed restrictions) and then just bring it into your state. our experience suggests that most dmv workers are rather ignorant of moped/scooter laws and regulations ... so just go up w/ your bill of sale and register the thing as a moped.

not sure what else to tell ya. good luck.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Buy a 50cc dirt bike, change the sprockets and buy street tyres.

That will give u a monster bike!

I`ve riden one of those!

(dunno bout the pedals thing tho)

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Rich King /

Ok you win Dude, I don't care if you do want to listen to me or reason. I wouldn't expect anymore from 17 year old who by their own admission has a "need fast/ass moped/scooter" attitude. When I was 17 I didn't listen to old farts like me either, but I did listen to the old street racers, because I knew they knew what they were talking about. So, just be careful on zooming fast/ass around on a ped, the pavement comes up in less than a heart beat. Buy a decent set of leathers, cuz you'll need them. I just don't want to see you end up as a fatal statistic. But Dude, the insurance stats along with the "Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock) attitude" from your post are against you. Just check that out w/State Farm or the Fl Hwy Patrol. It ain't a game you can afford to lose in and the cards are stacked against young guys like you. Really, no sh- -! Talk to the Palm Beach Medical Examiner.

Oh yeah, 21 in FL huh? How come there were so many "illegal riders" at Bike Week in Daytona last March, that drove sanely by the way; I guess the Cops missed them or were lookin at the chix's.

End of Story - Just Be Safe Guy

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)


I was bashed apart in a moped accident, so was Ree, even worse.

You're right, and I hope Chris Small thinks about your post.

Consider why insurance is so cheap on a moped-- you drive head on into (or under) a mack truck, and it won't even have a damaged grill, maybe a cracked blinker.

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Chris Small /

Umm ever thought to consider the law was passed 4 months ago? Its not like cops go out checking ID's and shit at bike week, ive been. Yeah I know pavement comes quick, ive got the scars to prove it. I wrecked at 160 mph on a ninja I know how it works.

First your like "oh shit Im gonna wreck" then time slows down to a trickle of what it was at.

Secondly you start to slowly lose control of the bike and your still like "oh shit im gonna wreck" and time sorta speeds up enough for you to move just a little.

Thirdly your bike drops to the ground and skids very far away while your stuck grinding away the leather jacket your mommy bought for you last week. "SCraaaaappppeeee grind gind skip skip SLAM!" and thats when your helmet hits.

After all that wake you wake up in the hospital "hey what happened?" and everyone says " dude! you almost died I got it all on tape man you were hauling ass then you hit a dead possum and wrecked!" then your like "oh...well fuck, whats his cast for?" "oh ya you broke 3 ribs, your leg and both your wrists along with a big road rash scar on your back." Luckily I had friends follow me and pick me up in the van along with the bike...

So yeah... 60 mph will do me just fine nowdays..

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Yer comin' around,Chris! You've had the big one,huh?Most the old guys I know,if you ask them,will say:`Yeah,I had a big 750 once or something like that and I rode it `til one day....'.Then they tell you their horror story and how they thought they'd better sell it.I had MY close misses with death around stock cars and drivin' on the street.Yer comin' around!

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Rich King /

Wayne, thanks I've been "around the block" a few times and learned some stuff the hard way too. I'm 54, in my 20's I gave up the bikes after a nasty accident. Cut-off on the interstate @65 while riding my beloved Norton. I had a Bates suit of leather on. Thankfully only one broken bone (minor arm fracture), just banged up real good. VA Trooper said I bounced like a basketball in his report, he saw the accident. My leathers were the only thing that saved me (and they represented 2 months salary at the time). Yes I've always driven "hot cars" most of my life and begrudingly paid the high insurance too. Young guys and their need 4 speed is a hard game to win or even survive in. I've seen too many just like him! (Big Bob & his Lighting, Dorsey & his Daytona, Wrench & his Trike, Black Calvin & his Ninja, JoeyC & BSA just to name a few and they were just the DOA's). All of them said the same thing, just because you screwed up Rich doesn't mean I will. Ok maybe he's right. I sure hope he is.

Hey, I give him the info he wanted re peds, the other stuff, well that was just my person stuff he can take or leave. It is his choice. I know you understand & that's all that counts. Rich

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Rich King /

Seventeen years old and you wrecked at 160 mph on a Ninja!! Then had the nerve to chew on me for asking about advice for a fast/ass moped.!! (You know it all don't ya ?)

Dude!! I have little if any simpathy for you and your crotch-rocket buddies, only this:

Guy, I am just glad that you survived, most don't. My good friend Black Calvin didn't. There wasn't even enough of him left to put in a coffin, according to the undertaker. You are just plain lucky. Now you can't own another motorcycle in FL until your 21 and have to drive a MOPED!! Awh, too bad little boy. Maybe mama & daddy can move to another state for you.

Duh, ah. Every wonder why the legistature passed & Jeb Bush signed that law. (Yeah I know, just to "pee-oh" you guys on "crotch-rockets" that give honest, safe, and law abiding bikers a bad rap by continually riding and "shooting the gap" at 160 plus on I-95 & I-75). Guy, I'll give you what you all the same thing you us give us decent and safe bikers when you blow by us, the BIRD & a "bucket-of-whoop-ass".

I am sorry I wasted my time with you; and to the MA members: please accept my profound apology to those of you who had to read these threads. I am outta here. I've got better things to do than email spoiled little mama's boyz w/their sad tales of whoa re their broken bad ass toyz and how the big bad State Govt denies them of their rights. Really!


Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

well you are not willing to spend much money are you but you can get a derbi predator that will do about 55 with a slight slight change or an derbi atlantis which will go about 40-45 stock and about 60 if you take out the secoundary air box

Re: Need fast ass moped/scooter (stock)

Chris Small /

And you would feel sorry for mr. big fat bearded biker on a harley almost laying down in his seat if he got in a wreck? Does it make a difference if you crash in a minivan or ferrari? Yeah Im a lucky fuck I know but thats not the point. The point is things like this happen no matter what your peddling, pushing or just plain walking. Your time wasnt wasted, just not effective.

Its better to burn out then fade away. If I died today on a motorcycle or moped I would die happy cause its what I like to do. A fact I face every day when I look both ways twice before I pull into traffic on the Motobecane. I like going fast, hate me for I am human. =] God forbid I get a thrill out of doing something that endangers nobody but myself. The accident didnt even slow traffic, both me and the bike slid into the grass and woods without even a flash of a tail light.


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