Help with my POS

I have a 1994 Jawa 210 Sport Top Tank. I took it into the shop and the man that runs the shop said that i need a new starter clutch and drive clutch. If someone could give me a pricing on the moped clutchs i would appreciate that. Also if anybody knows a place on the internet where you can buy parts for a Jawa moped let me know. By the way, now it runs. The magneto was broken.

Re: Help with my POS

Iv seen that POS you should sell it. Ill give ya 20 bucks for it. So it runs now huh? Thats an improvement. What else u need besides the clutches?

Trac Man ;)

Re: Help with my POS

Reeperette /

Themopedjunkyard carries em under their "Batavus" section - it's prettymuch the same engine on a lotta Jawa/Trac/Batavus you can look at Batavus suppliers too.


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