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My NU50MC is far too smokey especially soon after starting.

1. Obvious causes could be fuel/air ratio or too much oil injection - but how do I adjust these?

2. It'd be even better if someone could explain how the whole oil injection and carb set up works.

Maybe if someone has the NU50 shop manual (I can't get one here in UK), they could send scans of relevant pages to:

3. Also, is there a vacuum takeoff point on the carb for installing a vacuum gauge?

Re: Smokey!

Could be the wrong injector oil.Dump it if it's not specifically known to be the right stuff.That site `Expressly Mopeds' can probably get you a manual.


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I know about Expressly Moped's manuals but I'd rather not have to pay for them shipping it here to UK.

Re: Manual

Wouldn't be THAT much,would it?Maybe five bucks extra?Just guessing.Besides,that's a quality American -Jap product! Help us boost our economy,man!

Re: Smokey!

Either your oil pump is not synchronized or the oil control lever is too far in the open postion.

Check where the oil line goes into the top or side of the carb and see if there is a circular control lever with a small lever that you can move with one finger.There is a stop peg that the circular control lever should return to in the normal position.

Re: Smokey!

If its soon after its started, maybe it is residual oil left in the pipe that is heating up and smoking,mixing in with the normal amount of smoke,, just a thought

Helping US Economy

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I'll think about it. I've never ordered from overseas before and I expect there's all sorts of forms and stuff and also changing currency - I don't really have time or patience.

O.K.,Phil but.......

I owned 2 english Ford Cortinas once,so you Brits could at least order a manual.They were good cars and ahead of their time in my opinion.I put over 200,000 mi. on the Cortina GT and it would whoop any VW I ever pulled up against.Only a 1900lb. car,but it rode fine and cornered great!Had two barrel carb.,hi-rise aluminum intake,racing cam,solid lifters,3:90 rear end,high compression pistons(190 lbs. compression),and racing 1500cc engine.Had a special heavy-duty 4-speed too.No plastic in that shifter! Ah! Those were my young days! So.....are you gonna buy that manual?Hmmmm?


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Thanks guys.

Don-Ohio: I got your message from Expressely Mopeds by email but the forum seems to be down quite alot there. I took the carb apart today - the float is working fine. I bought some carb cleaner and will clean it tomorrow. Fred's article in resources is interesting - will try some of that tomorrow as well. Recommended oil is Honda injector oil - I'm using just plain 2 stroke low ash oil - will investigate source for proper oil.

Zippy: I can't recall right now whether there's an adjustment lever - I'll look tomorrow. Might buy an inline fuel filter aswell.

I'm expecting new headlight, junction box, battery isolator and lots of other goodies in the post tomorrow - looks like I'm gonna be busy!

Anyone got ideas about where to attach a vacuum gauge?

Also, still need a switch layout grid for NU50 ignition switch.

British Cars!!??

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When you lot invented beautiful things like GT500 Shelby Mustangs and '67 Pontiac Firebirds?!

Re: British Cars!!??

Ah,Phil,but you don't get the `mopeder's mindset'.Small,practical,something unique,affordable,and deceptively strong.CORTINA = MOPED ;but Shelby Gt500=Harley Hog ........Get it?

Harley Hogs

Philip Illman /

Ah...I seem to have misunderstood Moped Army. So you're not all 16 year olds who would like to own bigger bikes and bigger cars but can't yet.

Ok, I knew you weren't but I am. As soon as I'm 17 I'll move up to 125cc and then 'Harley Hogs'.

And I will own a Mustang before I die!!

Re: Harley Hogs

You want something better than that Phil?Get the AC cobra which was,I believe ,first produced over there in your land.THAT's A CLASSIC! And the Carroll Shelby Cobra would blow a Corvette clean off the track!Sorry,chevy lovers,but facts in the racebooks ARE facts.


Philip Illman /

Not many originals around - better to get a kit. Never been keen on their looks though. At least Firebirds and Mustangs have fantastic aggressive looks.

I'm considering a Lotus 7 replica as a second car - Vauxhall Nova as a first!

I would like to just rely on motorbikes for the rest of my life but they're not very pratical and I can't transport my RC aircraft in them. Ah decisions!!

That's my last post for today..its 10:02 here and I've just got back from a huge Italian meal - I'll see what witty replies you've got tomorrow!

Re: Harley Hogs

gimmyjimmy /




Philip Illman /

I've cleaned the carb and the result is amazing.

Far less smoke and a big pick-up in performance - thanks to Fred's article for that.

Zippy: Couldn't find the lever on the carb you were talking about - there's a circular lever on the oil pump though.

The Moped Whiz talked about this and I adjusted it slightly to open less - no noticable effect though.

Don-Ohio: Still gotta find out about injector oil - definition of a vicious circle: Need moped to get to places like motorcycle shop - need to go to motorcycle shop to get moped on road!

According to The Moped Whiz, it is only possible to fit a vacuum gauge temporarily for testing - anyone disagree?

Still need switch layout grid for ignition switch.

Thanks everyone.

BTW: Electrical stuff didn't turn up - bloody Post Office!!

Believe the `Whiz'

Tell you what: If the `Whiz' says it,it'll be hard to doubt that it could only be a temporary hook-up.Probably because it's a 2-stroke with no valves to hold vacuum solidly at idle.The `Whiz' has a good handle on Jap bikes,like Fred does.

Re: Harley Hogs

Ah, good times! Hello Don, how's things?

Ironically, I now also own a '72 Mk3 Cortina so I can no longer slate British cars! Still, saving for that Mustang though.

What mark of Cortina did you own?


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