Polini performance kit and note to Miguel

Yep!I ordered one from Mopedwarehouse for my Franco-Morini ! 60cc for a little more power to pull my ponderous weight(235lbs.) up the hills and ride my 70 lb.boy on the back.Gonna try it! I hear Polini makes quality stuff and I haven't read anything negative on them.This will change my engine to a reed-valve set-up.Miguel! I found those smaller plastic blowers for Minarelli at Mopedwarehouse for 14 bucks apiece and I'm ordering 2 of them.Just thought I'd let you know,`cause Handy Bikes couldn't get them for me.I'd like to rig up a blower system for my Franco-Morinis but it would take time.

Re: Polini performance kit and note to Miguel

polini does make good stuff. i have a polini exhaust on my bianchi. by the plastic blower, do you mean the flywheel cover and fan for the minarelli engine? i think that's a great touch to the design ... keeps it air cooled. not sure if it'll fit on the morini. but ... i've heard tell of liquid cooled cylinders ...

Re: Polini performance kit and note to Miguel

Yeah,Miguel,the blower(black plastic that screws on the magneto).It's a great design and my Minarelli never seems hot no matter how much abuse I put on it.Might run a little duct up from the housing on the right side for a little heat in my face or on my legs.But if I were you and didn't have any spare blowers,I'd order a spare `cause take my word for it,they will crack sometimes.There are 2 sizes and mine takes the smaller,but my other Minarelli engines take the larger which,I think,has the COUNTERSUNK Phillips head screws.These smaller ones just have regular phillips screws.There's a part # stamped on the blower if you're not sure.GLAD to hear you like Polini.I'm REALLY looking forward to more hill-climbing ability down here in the sticks of Southern Ohio.

Re: Polini performance kit and note to Miguel


Polini makes EXCELLENT stuff. Very high quality design and manufacture. It isn't cheap, but it is worth it. I have a Polini kit for Piaggio (vespa) engines and it is truly bolt-on. The bike has much more power, even at 60 cc. Have fun!


Re: Polini performance kit and note to Miguel

hey man

gotta polini on my vespa grande.....lots of power, same top speed...30mph.

i need to regear it but.....

it is bolt on but i had to hog out my cases to accept the new barrel.

think my kit is a 72cc....came with head, cylinder, piston, rings , clips, expansion

chambe.....got it from chicago 10 years ago

Re: Polini performance kit and note to Miguel

my fan cover is metal. ;-) straight from italia.

Re: Polini performance kit and note to Miguel

Thanks,Chris and Leo for the vote of confidence! Glad your kits are working well.I don't think I'll have to `hog out' my case though.It's specified for the MO 1 and MO2 engines.Miguel,I know the one you're talking about;the aluminum blower.I've got 2 of those and they're larger than the plastic one on my Minarelli.I wish mine had had that type,`cause the guy I bought the bike off of pulled copper wire thru this one to hold it together.Did a good job for cobbling,but I want to fix it right.It's really cracked bad with some fins missing.I can't help but think it's gonna shatter if I don't get the new wheels on there.

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