Frickin' SNOWING in Maine

Yeah... not some stupid little flurry. It's a snowstorm. It's been snowing for an hour or more. It's accumulating to th point where cars are losing traction.

it's mid-april and we just got at least 1/4" in an hour. Nope, not sleet.... it's snow.

I took some photos--- just for those who don't believe what a wretched frickin' state this is.

When it's nice (maybe a dozen days in a year..) it's really nice... otherwise it's just stupid.

No kidding-- the few rides I got to take in February were so much nicer than march OR april. I'm ready to file some kind of complaint. Seriously-- just looked around and the ground is now totally white... It should melt by tomorrow afternoon.... but still.

Geez.... snowstorms in april....I guess I should be glad we didn't get hit by lightning.

Re: Frickin' SNOWING in Maine

man you winp,this aint no snowstorm,this is light flurries at most,theres no snow accumulating,and the roads are fine,trust me i have the interstate less than 1 10th of a mile from my house(could hit the road with a rock)and can see route 100 from my window,the roads are fine,it would be fine to ride if it wasnt so cold(32 F),thats my only complaint,if you didnt want snow you shouldnt have moved to maine lol,but yeah this is kinda discouraging bu nothing to freak over,it will be fine tommorow,i would like to stress again,THIS IS NOT A SNOWSTORM!

Re: Frickin' SNOWING in Maine

and im 6 miles from portland so dont give me that your in a different area crap

Re: Frickin' SNOWING in Maine

If you are unable to ride your moped because white stuff is falling from the sky..

If you're addressing the vocabulary--- I'm not a meteorologist.

It's snowing right now--- you're nuts.

Re: Frickin' SNOWING in Maine

Yup, Wayne, you are in the wrong portland! It hasn't even snowed this year.

It's a little, OK a lot wet, around here tho.

My snowy lawn (pic)

Obviously not a blizzard but it was pellet snow-- it's been on and off sinnce we got home

Re: Frickin' SNOWING in Maine

yeah theres a bit of snow on my lawn now

Mass too

I just looked outside and yep, snow. But hey we live in New England, we have to expect crazy weather. Its normal to be abnormal i guess.

Re: Mass too

thats what i say

Science for Puchman

Okay Puchman... Lets go over this slowly.

"to the point where cars are losing traction":

"the roads are fine,it would be fine to ride if it wasnt so cold(32 F)":

I know public schools are bad...but do kids even think anymore?

Okay, you make ice cubes at 32 degrees, right?

And the salt trucks are put away, right?

We've had heavy rains....concern for flooding... yes??

No salt combined with snow turns into ice at 32 degrees....I'm not kidding you Puchman... bring thisup in science class and the teacher will give you instructions on making ice cubes.

Then he'll fail your ass for making it past 12 years old without knowing what temperature water freezes at.

Seriously kiddo, figure it out-- Here's some help just in case you get, uh, stuck.

"What temperature does water freeze?":

good luck. if I were you I'd practice saying "you want fries with that?"

Re: Science for Puchman (j/k!)

And Puch,

you know I'm just picking on you because you're a kid and I'm old and grouchy.

Just so you know I'm joking. On the drive home it was pretty messy.

just kiddin, ok?


Re: Science for Puchman (j/k!)

lol,no prob,but we have had flooding round here before and its fine right now(it takes like 1 inch of rain to make like 6 inches of snow and we have less than and inch around here,at the time i made the original post there was no snow on the ground,people were going just as fast as they always do down my road(tooo freakin fast!) and it was warmer,but now your right,its getting colder and it ver well could freeze.

Re: Science for Puchman (j/k!)

Re: Science for Puchman (j/k!)

it's a puch! sweet dude.

mean ride-- get that tagged as a moped

Re: Science for Puchman (j/k!)

lol,its got quite a price tag on it

Re: Frickin' SNOWING in Maine

Puch military transports?

This stuff is cool.. If I weren't so lazy I'd catch some of those pics and archive them-- 'course there's probably a fan-page somewhere.

I think there was a thread saying they "were" or "weren't" acutally Puch's..

but if it's got a "puch" stamped on it... that's ok for me. I remember... it was a pretty interesting thread about the history of Puch and some affiliates & partner companies...

It's kinda funny to imagine a 2.5 hp puch engine in there... or maybe one moped engine above each wheel....?

Re: Puch military transports?

lol.......did that guy robe th e army base or something all of them all terain trucks are from the same guy!!!hes freaking rich!!!(or in debt) lol


Re: My snowy lawn (pic)

OHHH! Puchman just got served! LOL

Re: My snowy lawn (pic)

That's not snow.... that's white rain!

Re: Puch military transports?

well then he must of robbed a german base cause they dont use them in USA

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