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What exactly is the purpose of a condensor?? What does it do?


Re: Condensor

Don Pflueger /

it is a shock absorber for the electrical the current enters the points, when they open, it backs up. the excess current is absorbed in the condensor and discharged when the points close.

Re: Condensor

Ahh that's the secondary purpose.

The condensor allows the magnetic field to collapse rapidly their by building up a powerful enough current to jump the spark plug gap as the points open. Also as donop states allowing unneeded current to ground through the condensor as the points are now open, and the ground through them is broken saving the points from quickly burning out.

If you are having intermittent ignition problems or no spark at all.The condensor is not allowing the field to collapse and allow Hi tension current to build up in the secondary windings of the coil.

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