Im 6 ft 3 inch tall and im thinking about getting a tomos sprint or kinetic tfr style moped. the older look. Will it fit, or will my legs hit the handlebars? The bikes look really small so im scared of getting them and not sticking with the tomos targa lx style.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: height.

sorry i didnt know how to delete the other topic.

Re: height.

Perry Manessis /

The Tomos peds are like overgrown pocket bikes, a tall person will get Charlie-Horses riding them. I know, I did. Get yourself a full sized moped. The good thing about a step-thru is most have bicycle seats that are height adjustible, but most top-tanks are larger. I'm 6 foot and my friend is 6'2" and we ride Avanti SuperSports (top-tanks), nice tall seat, legs don't cramp up, even on our 6 hour rides and the seats are very cumfy.

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