not sure what i have?

ok, i bought a moped last year from a motorcycle store close to my house. ive had it for a while now and i want to get some new parts to up the performance. but the problem is i cant find parts for the brand i have. some 1 told me i could probably find one that is exactly the same but a different brand and use those parts. so if u know what i have help me out please. here is a link to the website of the company, mine is the GETAWAY 50XL . there is a pic of it and specs on there . Thank you

Re: not sure what i have?

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

You my friend have a scooter. Not a moped.

Re: not sure what i have?

ok its a scooter but where in my state they are considered mopeds and u need a mopeds license to ride ir. but anwyay can any1 help me with my question?

Re: not sure what i have?


People on this site are familiar with mopeds, hence the name Moped Army.

Unfortunately for you, not that many people on this site knows scooters, let alone these. Most of us don't even like scooters.

However, according to that website, there is a speed kit available for these. I guess you're limited to buying from that company.

If your scooter is 50cc (which it apparently is), and has an automatic gearbox (which it probably does), then you can register it as a moped, but it never ever will be "considered" a moped.

See why?: Motorized bicycle with Pedals=moped

I'm not trying to pick on you, just stating the facts that many of us have repeated to many scooterists over the years.


Re: not sure what i have?

Perry Manessis /

That is a Chinese scooter, NOT A MOPED. It looks like it's either a Geely model JL50QT-18 or a Qingqi model QM50QT-6. Look for the VIN plate riveted on the scooter, it will tell you what scooter it is.

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