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hi all, can anyone tell some info on the jc penny puch pinto? theres a 1978 model in my area for sale going for $400.00. i looked it up in the photo section of this site. it looks very simaliar to the maxi. are they close in performance to the maxi, newport? are they easy to modify? same engine and all? is $ 400.00 a decent asking price for it. guy says runs and looks great. says it has 3300miles on it. any and all info, advice is gratful. thanks.

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Alot has been!


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If I were to find one in my area that ran and was complete, I would buy it. They are easy to work on and easy to modify.

got one

I got a 1977 Pinto. It was my dad's and i bought it from him for $200. I would like to know any easy mods I can make on it for a higher top speed, it only goes bout 30 tops right now

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Simon King /

Great looking mopeds. If it runs I would get it for $400 - maybe offer $350. Puch's are one of the easier mopeds to get parts for and work on.


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