Hey, one of my friends told me if you are going too fast on your moped (meaning it is more powerful than the state's standards on what a moped is) lets say with a 70cc kit, and your going like 50 down a road, are the police allowed to confiscate the moped and take it from you if you dont have motorcycle endorsements? Do cops EVER check out your moped if you get pulled over?

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the cops useally dont know about mopeds, let alone spotting a 70cc kit!

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Don Pflueger /

most cops dont even know what a moped is let alone whether or not it is kitted. most wont care either. they will stop you and ticket you for speeding tho. keep in mind, they were kids once too.

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I doubt anywhere they would be able to confiscate it, however they could impound it just about anywhere if you were doing 50 and they knew that leagally you could only do say 30. They can also stack stuff up against you like no license, improper registration, etc. and could make you re-register the bike as a motorcycle, wich in many states would require a new title, plates, etc.

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Andy Kochvar /

yeah don't worry about it. Cops over here could care less if your riding responsibly.

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Andy said it best--

50mph in a 30 is 20 over--no matter what you're riding.

On the other hand I had a 50+ mph 70cc scooter and I'd take it on the highway-- never stopped & I passed the polica barracks every morning.

55 is slow on the highway but it was fast enough to make the minimum speed and was a very big bike-- larger than a 200cc vespa.

I've personally ONLY been pulled over for doing something stupid and even then being polite has got me out of all but one situation.

This is just speculation-- but if I were a cop I'd pay a lot more attention to the moped riding 25mph like a bicycle on the right than I would notice a TTLX go by at 40, keeping up with traffic.

My dad was really well known locally and the cops (and tons of people who seem to know me and I don't know them...) say hi and totally give me a lot of room. I've even got rolling toward a redlight when I see the side yellow change so I can be at a decent 15mph when the light changes.. .I think that's called "charging a red light" but it's not much of a charge on a moped.

And proving the 70cc kit in court... the DA or judge hears moped and pretty much looks for a way to drop it. At least in maine if you're bagged for a 70 kit (very unlikely) and tell 'em you want it before a jury...

they've got drunks, assaults, criminal speeding.. prostitutes...and the DA is gonna call in the cop and put the moped case up there? nope. Even better if you have pictures with a scale showing the old 50cc engine.

I got stopped on the scoot going 30 in a school zone... deserved that but did escape w/a warning.

I think they don't take you as seriously... an SUV going 80 takes precedence over a moped struggling to hiit the 45 speed limit.

This is Maine. We need inspection insurance registration and a valid drivers license-- but, for example, I know for a fact that a 6-speed derbi enduro is classed as a "moped" in the local city hall.

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