Sachs Identification

I recently picked up a 1978 Sachs. But I don't know which one it is.

Body wise it's the same as a Balboa, but doesn't have the foil stickers on the tanks.

I'm thinking it's a Suburban, but I didn't think they made the Suburban model in 1978. Could be a Balboa frame, with a Suburban tank? The frame and the tank are a slightly (miniscule) different shade of red.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Re: Sachs Identification

no real diffrence. Sachs had 2 main frames, then the G3 top tank.

Other companies used the motors too.

If it's just for registration, I'd use Balboa. I know that they were around in 78, and it makes me think of "rocky"

Re: Sachs Identification

I actually found out it's a Suburban. The Subs came with mag wheels. Although I do have a set of Balboa sidepanels that I'm throwing on, so I'll just call it my Balboa. Or Adrian.

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