boston moped/scooter people

im wondering if there is any kind of forum (non-internet) in boston for moped and scooter enthusiests to get together, have some beers, and work on/talk about thier bikes. i would say next weekend at my house but ill be out of town and have no yard. this could be fun. if anyone knows of anything or wants to get something started, please email me. thanks a lot.


Re: boston moped/scooter people

what up dog

hows the moby running

im up for doing something like that

Re: boston moped/scooter people

hey man.

it's running great. i replaced the spark plug, made a new air filter, cleaned out the carb. and now i just need to fix up the brakes (as the front one kicked it yesterday). my plans are to clean out a lot of things (clean the carb better, exhaust, etc.), tighten the chain, clean it up, dress it up, and enjoy.

are you riding anything these days? my girlfriend's looking for a moped so if you have any leads on anything cheap, let me know..

and hopefully people will respond to this and we can get some sort of group together to hang out and talk ped.

Re: boston moped/scooter people

Me too!

I'm in Back Bay and I ride every day!

Re: boston moped/scooter people

alright. i say let's try to get a group of like 10 or so people and set a date and location!

Re: boston moped/scooter people

I'm there...

Fred from MA meets with a the other MA dudes in Harvard Sq.

Email him... that's a good place to start!

Re: boston moped/scooter people

i have to move to boston.... maybe i can make it up from Rhode Island and ride with you guys one day soon.

Re: boston moped/scooter people

You better! Or we're comin to get ya!! lol

Re: boston moped/scooter people

Woof Woof Arf!

Re: boston moped/scooter people

We are having our monthly meeting on Thursday night this week at Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Sq. around 7:30ish. It was orginally Wednesday but got pushed back.

I was riding all weekend. Sounds like there are some more people in Boston with 'peds! I am liking it.

Come on down and hang out! I will be riding there.

Nice to see there is another 50v on the roads!


Re: boston moped/scooter people


You better come up here soon. You should have been up here this past was so awesome out!

Re: boston moped/scooter people

im getting a 90s honda elite50 that needs a total engine rebuild so i will be riding that

check craigs list theres a puch maxi in lowell for $100 needs work

Re: boston moped/scooter people

i dont know how to even get there on a ped from haverhill

is it even possible

they wont let you bring a moped on the T i already tried it

Re: boston moped/scooter people

ha, you tried to bring a moped on the T? thats awesome.

Fred, I haven't seen you online at all lately. you must be busy. ive been wanting to ask you about virginia. what are you up to this saturday? maybe i can come down before work... i think its supposed to be nice. you are more than welcome to come down here any weekend. let me know when you are free.

Re: boston moped/scooter people

Back will take awhile...1hour or so. Down through Andower and North Reading.....

Re: boston moped/scooter people

I only have msn now...IT department took aol away..


This weekend might be bad for me as the folks are in town...and they don't moped...

Re: boston moped/scooter people

you parents dont ride peds? get rid of them!

just let me know when you have a free saturday morning/early afternoon.

Re: boston moped/scooter people

i also got kicked off the T with my goped i had it in a bag and they wouldnt of even noticed it if a little gas didnt spill out

Re: boston moped/scooter people

damn! im leaving for italy thursday afternoon. ya'll should push it up to wednesday again! well.. either way, this is a good reference for when i get back.

by the way.. while in florence and rome, i think im going to rent a ped (20 euro a day) and cruise through the hills and outskirts.

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