O/T: moving to Freehold.

Chris Sorensen /

Hey guys... my wife and I just bought a house in Freehold, which means I'll be riding around on cruise nights in the Boro. I'm also only 15 minutes away from Englishtown Raceway Park, so maybe we can start to work on getting a ped race there since they have their new road course (which, by the way, they already have pocketbike races on). The best thing about the new place is it has an oversized garage so I can finally work on the cars and the ped. Anyway, I'm pretty psyched and just wanted to share.

O/T: moving to Freehold.

Nice house!! -- Congratulations!

I'm sure you will enjoy the garage.

Re: O/T: moving to Freehold.

Vimy Ridgeway /

Great place, wish I had the garage.

Re: O/T: moving to Freehold.

Don Pflueger /

congrats bud. nothing like getting a bigger garage. when i had the opportunity to buy this house with its 4 car garage, and one car barn, and acre of property for $149,000.00, i jumped on it. a huge garage is awesome.

except for the fact that you end up with more junk.

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