Which moped is best for the value?

<HTML>I am having a tough time finding a moped that suits all my needs. The Tomos Targa LX is my favorite, but it is very expensive, and hard to find used. Can anyone recommend a moped for me? This would be my first, since I get my permit in two months....I will be 16. I am looking for a quality moped which i can add a Bi-Turbo exhast to, for speed. I was also thinking about changing the gear ratio. I was hoping to get it going ~45-50. I only wiegh 120 pounds, so this would not be the hardest task on a Tomos. I have $400 to spend for sure, possibly $500, but any more than that would be trouble. My father says if I get all As 4th term, he will possibly buy me the Targa LX! If that doesn't happen, i could really use some advise on what bike to buy. My price range is $300 - $1000, but again the lower end is better. Also, i want to make sure that i can get replacement parts if needed.


P.S. Is the Jawa any good? (i really like the motorcyle look!)</HTML>

RE: Which moped is best for the value?

Tony Espinoza /

<HTML>I always go DERBI..But they are harder to find...As far as replacement parts, I have never had one break on me...Could just be luck but hey..There is a hell of a derbi on ebay right now for 157 dollars + shipping that is not much...Good luck!! Tony</HTML>

RE: Which moped is best for the value?

<HTML>Get a Honda ss50 or cd50, they go 60Km/h with restrictors. A 50cc can go upto 80 Km/h without restrictors and a little tuning. A 70cc can reach speeds of 110 Km/h

60 Km/h = 37.5 Mph

80 Km/h = 50 Mph

110 Km/h = 68.75 Mph

These Honda's are fourstrokes, that means they use way less feul than twostrokes, have more power and handle better. Plus they look very nice.

Check out http://www.students.cs.uu.nl/~jwijngaa/main.html if you want to see some fourstrokes


Re: Which moped is best for the value?

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Re: Which moped is best for the value?

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