RC Moto trustable?

I have been shopping around online for mopeds, and i want to find a reliable online company that will ship my moped right to my house, with no problems. How can i tell if the website is secure? Has anyone had any problems ordering from RC moto?? Thanks guys!!

Oh, another thing,...why is Cosmotors selling there TFRs for so little??

Re: RC Moto trustable?

The Kinetics are 2003 models. Cosmo probably bought more than they could sell in time for new models. Buying in container size shipments is usually cheapest. They are not making much if anything on them. It is a way of getting some cash by selling them rather than have them catch dust and of course, the cash will get them nearer to ordering another container full.

Re: RC Moto trustable?

Benny Mnich /

Kinetic in India was overstocked. They gave Cosmotors a real good deal to move them. Cosmo passed the savings to us.

Moped sales in India has droped 10% in a year. World wide they are buying scooters and small motorcycles instead of mopeds.

Re: RC Moto trustable?

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Rcmoto and Cosmotors have ben straight with me. Jim

Re: RC Moto trustable?

Adrian Holton /

Bought 2 of the TopTank GLs from them. You may want to remind them to send the Manufacturers Certificate of Origin with your bike or mail on the same day as it ships. I got the bikes then had to wait a couple of days to register until they sent the MCO.

Re: RC Moto trustable?

Perry Manessis /

You are lucky. Most people that deal with Sigfrid have to wait weeks to get their MSO's and forget about parts, that takes months.

Re: RC Moto trustable?

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

anyone get the four speed manuals from RC? how's that workin for you?

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