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That is one pussy motorcycle and one badass moped. what the hell is that?

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GJ... several of us have already posted about that bike here... it is the Honda-copy made by Jincheng called the Jincheng Knight.

So the motor is essentially the same a motor as the Hona Z50 originally made in 1969 and still sold at a Honda dealer as an XR50.

It is actually a moped now in some states.

And they better watch out with the 'Harlee' and the 'Fat Boy' name... harleys lawyers might come a' knockin.

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with a 4 speed tranny, what kinda top speed we looking at Fred?

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i got it, i just searched up the earlier thread on that Knight. thanks

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I don't know haw many of those things they have actually sold on Ebay but the ones that I kept up with never got past the reserve price. In SC, to be classified as a moped, it has to go 30mph or slower and have an automatic transmission. You can get by with a little over 30 here but man oh man would you be up the creek when they stopped you on that thing. It looks like an underpowered motorcycle and in SC, by law it is. They would really bake your ass. Unregistered, no tag, driving with no insurance and maybe without a motorcycle permit.

I don't know what states they are legal in but it cannot be many. I would guess that with a 4 speed gear, you could get up to 50 or 60. The motor is too small to put it on the highway though.

You would be looking to get hassled by the law on that!

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see pedigree.com to check out the Harlee bikes

Naw... more like 35 mph

thats sbout the true top speed of it... not any 50 or 60 mph... this is a wimpy 4 stroke

And 35mph is not much faster than some of the stock Tomos (as far as I know)

So speed wouldn't be a problem...

But it also doesn't look all that different from the 'top tank' peds either.

(actually... it looks higher quality... which might be bad because the cops are more likely to think it is a motorcycle)

the attitude and outlook of the cops in your state or local area makes ALL the difference.

It is supposedly a 'moped' in Michigan as of a year ago.

Re: Naw... more like 35 mph

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i take it manual trannys are legal in MI then.

i'm looking at the 70cc kit on that page and is that a camshaft in the middle of the picture? i clicked on the damn thing and nothing happened.

i thought you just change the jug & piston, biturbo and rejet on a performance kit,

but that's a 4 stroke, the cam change would help.

Re: Naw... more like 35 mph

I didn't look at the page with the 'camshaft' on it... but I'm sure it is... they've been making those Honda small bores for so long that they have everything for them.

And.. yes... there is a 70cc kit for them which takes the speed up to 45 or 50 according to the local dealer here (and he is a Honda E X P E R T).

All the parts a hotrod Harley or Ford or Chevy could have.

(no BiTurbo... those are for 2 strokes...but there are performance exhausts for them).

Heck... if you relly want to see some stuff for them... find Ivo's page ... they make superchargers for the dang things!.

And yes.. apparently Michigan allows manual trannies now as a 'moped'

(I've been told)

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