Geez people!

I haven't visited this message board in months, is it just me or is there a lot more animosity than usual?

Re: Geez people!

After years of visiting this forum I can honestly tell you that there is ALWAYS animosity and high drama going on here.

Some of it real, some of it baited. More in the winter, when more folks are home instead of out. Most, not all, attributable to the 13 - 15 year old that doesn't have a car (or often a moped) yet, and hasn't developed the social skills needed to treat poeple with a minimum of respect. Most of the rest is caused by folks who _know_ they are right and you are wrong.

I used to come here for moped help. Now I come here for the amusement. It's like slowing down to look at a horrific accident. You don't want to see, but you look anyway.

It's entertainment. Little else.

Re: Geez people!

Most, not all, attributable to the 13 – 15 year old that doesn’t have a car (or often a moped) yet

whats having a car have to do with anything

so you think that if a 15 year old had a car he or she would be more mature

Re: Geez people!

John Joedicke /

Throw the hook out Jason!!!Some sucker will bite. LOL

Re: Geez people!

Vimy Ridgeway /

Tee-Hee, John.

Re: Geez people!

i try to be respectful

Re: Geez people!

hey Puchman.. I sent you an email about the switch.. and I never heard back. I'm not a wierdo.. just trying to do a random act of kindness for a fellow mpeder/Red Sox fan lol..

I only paid 6 bucks for the thing new.. and it's used now so I didn't think it was worth much..except to someone who needed it..

Anyhow it's opening day at Fenway Park so I'm headin over on the Puch.. it's the only vehicle that they let into the crowd :P


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