FIXED IT!!!! ....

For about 3 minutes, then the clutch screwed up again .. then smoke starting coming from my tranny case .. that aint good lol... its back in neutral, and clutch keeps makin clunkin noise .. now im just about so pissed off that i think im going to take it to the local action yamaha to get it fixed .. should I do that or keep tryin to fix it?

Re: FIXED IT!!!! ....

Okay now I really did fix it .. Matthew from new brunswick came over and helped me out, great guy..

it turned out the sprocket has no teeth left, and it was not the clutch or transmission .. thank god .. and id like to thank matt for his help, im kinda clueless with this shit

Check attatchment to see the screwed up sprocket


Re: FIXED IT!!!! .... Tomos/Puch

Is it my imagination or do things like this happen to Tomos alot more than Puchs? lol

Re: FIXED IT!!!! .... Tomos/Puch

yeah shit always happens with a tomos .. its a 2-stroke, either it works or it dont

Re: FIXED IT!!!! .... Tomos/Puch

Perry Manessis /

Yeah, but other mopeds are 2 strokes also and don't have half the problems with sprockets breaking, clutches going and stuff breaking off.

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