this is it !!

hi, all

well i did research here and i,m gratful to all my new friends who helped me.

this is the big day for me tomorrow monday 4/11 i'm going to call rcm and ask to order the model M. because bss would make me wait 4ever. i hope i can get it. i hope it works out!

but just before i call i would like to hear any final opinions if you can take the time to post . i was asking about the TFR deal which was very appealing too thanks, your friend -tim

Re: this is it !!

Good luck Bro... Happy riding... and watch your back out there!

Re: this is it !!

I got the TFR from Cosmo through their "Moped Army Deal" and I can't say enough about it:

1. $500 less than ANY other moped+ tax free!(except PA).

2. Delivered to your house(shipping free, too biatch!).

3. Reliable, two months and no problems for me.

4. It's fast. It tops out at 35 and I weigh 220 and I did nothing to it.

5. Plenty of replacement, accessory and performance parts available.

Re: this is it !!

nice ! phil now that you have the tfr did you notice if it would be possible to have a longer seat i was thinking more towards the jialing 50 m because of the seat to pick up my daughter from the school bus 1/4 mile each way.

the only otherr issue i have is tfr 2 stroke, or go w/ the 4 stroke and manuel trans. i think the jialing would be about 700-800 bucs -tim

Re: this is it !!

Tim -

There is a Jialing forum here:

You could read up them and ask some questions.

Re: this is it !!

When I got it, there was a brochure with about 30 of the more popular accessories they offer for the TFR. I'm pretty sure I saw a "buddy seat" that bolts onto the luggage rack for like $20 so two people can ride(not legal in Ohio though).

Four stroke with a manual trans is, of course, more desirable, but you can get that for $700 brand new? I thought Jialing's were like, high performance peds that went for $1500 +?

Re: this is it !!

id get a jialing over a kinetic any day especially the model m well i wouldnt get the m cause i have a messed up left arm i want the passport

Re: this is it !!

the model M looks like my 1980 batavus starflite va II i have the 25mph carb on it .

i believe it tops out at 45mph w/ the 4stroke but the bad news, they are out of stock now

Re: this is it !!

i want one of each but the m is just like my old ped.

Re: this is it !!

the M is out of stock :-(

Re: this is it !!

Man, i really want to get one, i mean the deal sounds awesome, but i have one problem. i am going to Europe this summer for two months, and when i come back, the warrenty for the tfr will be expired. Should i have to worry about that??

Re: this is it !!

Timmy Southpark /

I would worry about the Eurotrip!! after seeing the movie i'm worried to get on trains! LOL

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