Adding a battery.

ok, heres the idea. i need a way to attach a battery to my moped for a sound system i am going to install.

Basic ly, i need to know a way to wire a 12v battery , first to a switch, and then to the rest of the existing wiring.

also, can anything bad happen to my moped by doing this? i belive the mag makes 12v dc alone so the 12v dc from the battery should harm anything.

Also, i am aware that, since theres no alternator ar anything, that i will have to charge the battery separately every now and then.

for anyone interested in my idea , here it is:

first, i figure out a way to wire in a 12v battery to the exisiting electronics. second, i get a cheap car amplifier

(ive seen some of them pretty small and for real cheap. k-mart type stuff. also, there will be no subs or anything so it can be a real cheap amp.)

second, after the 2 car speakers and the amp are wired in, i grab my mobile CD player. ($85 panasonic w/ radio) and hook it into the input of the amp.

now, theoretic ly this should work and sound pretty cool. I was gonna buy a helmet with headphones built in but that will drown out way too much sound from the road that i need to hear (horns, sirens)

also, i saw a guy do this to his moped with gel celled batteries and a whole mess of wires and i just thought there would be a simpler way to do it. 5 new components and some wiring, and it might work. The 5 new components are of course the new battery, switch, amp, speakers, cd player.

also, i already made mounting brackets to hang the speakers from the rack on the back of my tomos targa. when i get my leather saddle bags and/or hard luggage box, i will hid everything in there.

Really need help on how to get the wiring correct.

Thanks for reading,

-Jared B.

Re: Adding a battery.


I get what your going for but you might not want to mount this to any of the mopeds wiring, you will probably be better off getting your self a ghetto blaster, thats a nice big tape playing stereo, check your local thrift store. first of, tapes of mp3s are the only way to go on a moped, cd's are so out dated.

and secoundly, why fuss with all the mess of of saddle bags and what not when you cold attach a stereo to a your luggage rack?

Re: Adding a battery.

Xyplestop Florbledo /

I bought an 8 Track player for mine. Has Frampton comes alive in it.

coudnt resist.

Re: Adding a battery.

I found a portable 8-track player in my grandparents' basement, and one of the tapes was the original soundtrack for Star Wars. I was ecstatic. I popped it in and got through all of 4 seconds of the opening fanfare when the player jammed and started eating the tape. When I cut the tape away, the inside of the player looked like a bird's nest.

Be careful with your Frampton!

Re: Adding a battery.

i think il get a wind up victrola for my ped

Re: Adding a battery.

Xyplestop Florbledo /

Why stop there! Edison Wax cylinders!

Re: Adding a battery.

i was planning on getting some battery powered speakers and just using heaphone splitters. my main concern is losing sound quality. since the speakers have their own power supply(AA batteries) I shouldn't lose sound volume. Creative Labs makes some good sounding ones (or so the reviews say) but theyre like eighty bucks a pop. I'm probably going to make a wood, plastic or metal mount for them, so it will look like one speaker and then make some makeshift mounting brackets for the bike. I'll probably mount them on the handlebars somehow with the speakers facing towards me. I may have to go with four speakers, but that'd be expensive. The one with the gel cell battery sounds like it would weigh a lot, i don't want to add to much weight cuz i don't want to lose speed. also i think there's this speaker system made by Cambridge, but it looks kind of bulky.

Re: Adding a battery.

If you make sure that it's 12 volts, you would need to hook up a regulator before you put any juice to a battery.

Look for a ped like yours that has a battery in the wiring diagram.

If you can't read a wiring diagram, don't even try it.

Re: Adding a battery.

yeah so they melt in the hot sun

i always wanted to hear like death metal on a victrola man it would sound so funny

Re: Adding a battery.


information about Adding a battery.

This might have some information that's useful. I can tell you-- hooking up something to the moped electrical is a delicate matter and won't provide heavy amps for anything needing real juice-- and if you overpull the system things are going to heat up and cook. Plus the wiring isn't meant to carry the load-- so if you've got resistance in the line it'll heat up and cause more resistance.

an example would be connecting a car amp to a large battery using braided stereo coil wire instead of inline electrical wire.... use a thin wire and between the current's pull and the wrong wire confusing electron flow....those wires will get red hot and act like toaster elements. If they don't actually melt into total degradation the amp or motor might cook too. a lot of electrical stuff depends on the proper temperature to run right... to much or too little current can be pretty stressful on components.

P.S. the motor on a tape deck can't handle the shock of the road. use an amp only and run a digital rca inline source to it.

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