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ok, heres the idea. i need a way to attach a battery to my moped for a sound system i am going to install.

Basic ly, i need to know a way to wire a 12v battery , first to a switch, and then to the rest of the existing wiring.

also, can anything bad happen to my moped by doing this? i belive the mag makes 12v dc alone so the 12v dc from the battery should harm anything.

Also, i am aware that, since theres no alternator ar anything, that i will have to charge the battery separately every now and then.

for anyone interested in my idea , here it is:

first, i figure out a way to wire in a 12v battery to the exisiting electronics. second, i get a cheap car amplifier

(ive seen some of them pretty small and for real cheap. k-mart type stuff. also, there will be no subs or anything so it can be a real cheap amp.)

second, after the 2 car speakers and the amp are wired in, i grab my mobile CD player. ($85 panasonic w/ radio) and hook it into the input of the amp.

now, theoretic ly this should work and sound pretty cool. I was gonna buy a helmet with headphones built in but that will drown out way too much sound from the road that i need to hear (horns, sirens)

also, i saw a guy do this to his moped with gel celled batteries and a whole mess of wires and i just thought there would be a simpler way to do it. 5 new components and some wiring, and it might work. The 5 new components are of course the new battery, switch, amp, speakers, cd player.

also, i already made mounting brackets to hang the speakers from the rack on the back of my tomos targa. when i get my leather saddle bags and/or hard luggage box, i will hid everything in there.

Really need help on how to get the wiring correct.

Thanks for reading,

-Jared B.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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