This is my first post, great forum. I am going to buy a scooter, out of the three that I listed, what one will benifit best from tuning? what is the best scoot and what will go the fastest after tuning. I really like the Yamaha Zuma. Cheers.

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With all due respect, this is a moped forum... Most of us don't like scooters. A moped is technically a 50 cc bicycle with an engine. In other words Mo-PED= has pedals.

Scooters don't have pedals, so we differinate ourselves from scooterists. Most of us don't know that much about scooters.

In the past, there have been members that would tell scooter owners to get out of here and to go to I just thought I should let you know before this happens to you.

Personally, I've owned a Yamaha QT 50 and a Suzuki FA 50. Both of them were pretty decent scooters. Of course, I have gotten rid of them in order to have actual mopeds. And after owning an actual moped, I can see why people around here prefer mopeds over scooters. The ride's much more exciting and it's more fun working on mopeds.

I would like to recommend that you consider a moped. It is my personal opinion that Columbia/Montgomery Ward mopeds are excellent. But of course, then again, that's just my personal opinion. There are members that says that Motobecanes are the best. Some members says that the Peugeot are the best. Some says Puch. Some says Tomos. One of these should do. Best of luck to you.

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Don Pflueger /

tomos is the only moped you have listed there. and this is a moped forum after all.

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get the zuma those are so sweet

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If you are looking to tune it you should definitly go with a Vino. I have 2 Tomos mopeds and 2 scooters, a Vino and a Zuma. I have done the same things to all of them, 70cc kit, exhaust and bigger carbs. Out of all of them the Vino is much faster. The Zuma has poor gearing and is heavier. I ride each of them regularly and I like certain things about each of them.

If you are going based on price go with the Tomos but I would go overall with a Vino.

This is a really good site with parts for the Vino and the Zuma.

This is a good forum of scooters that I visit all the time, which has some good info.

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Benny Mnich /

Here's a different one to check out-----

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What can I expect from tuning a Tomos? same prefomance as tuning a scooter? I like the Tomos but I want to know if will be as fast as a scooter will mods. Thanks.

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a tomos will never go as fast as a scooter can when maximum tuned.

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