It's not a moped!

ok seriously, you guys are fucked in the head if you think a qt50 or and express is a moped, I wouldn't piss on a express if it was on fire.


You don't get it, the battery operated nopeds are a completely different machine, do you even know what to do with pedels if you take a turn around a corner? expresses and qt's are like riding and elevator compared to a moped.

The honda NS50 is a small motercycle not a moped it looks like a motercycle it has 6 gears, it is bigger then a magnum, it's not a fucking moped! don't get me wrong I ride to work with a guy who had mopeds and an NS50, but he doesn't call his NS a moped.

Why can't you understand this? It is simple, just because it looks like a moped and sounds like a moped doesn't mean it has pedels like a moped.

Ahhhh just get a moped or be happy with your noped, but don't try to call a club a spade.

I'm so done with this...

Re: OK, "shrug" I quit.

Matthew Westberg /

Man... I can't believe this thread hasn't gotten the axe yet. HAHA!

Re: It's not a moped!

I agree with the being done with this thing. "definations" varry from state to state, web site to web site. I try to look at it in the most logical way possiable.

Motor + Pedals = Moped

Motor + kickstart does not = moped

but this could be debated untill we are all blue in the face, and nothing would come from it. So take you own defination and defend it. As a two wheeled enthusist it's pretty much all the same community. Mopeds, nopeds, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles all have their place and all bring a unique way to get arround rather than a car. I prob. shouldn't even had said anything as i would love to see this thread drop off the screen.

Re: It's not a moped!

Xyplestop Florbledo /

on what planet does an express have gears OR look like a motorctcle?

Re: OK, "shrug" I quit.

Xyplestop Florbledo /

I keep hoping it will but no such luck

Re: It's not a moped!

Don Pflueger /

noone ever called these bikes mopeds, they are just accepted as mopeds because of their strong similarites. and trust me, i know what a moped is. i own 7 of them and have owned well over 30 of them in the last 3 years. thats not including the two expresses i just got either.

Re: It's not a moped!

see in mass and express is a moped and so is a zuma so theyre all mopeds to me and i dont care what anyone else says

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