laws in washington

who can i contact, or where can i look to find the laws concerning mopeds in washington state.

laws in washington

Helmet required

Insurance not required

Motorcycle license not required

Registration, license and tab required

Moped must have pedals, be < 50cc, < 2HP, < 30 mph on a flat, >= 14" wheels (I think it's 14...might be 16).

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Re: laws in washington

i don't have my license yet, but once i do i'll stop by. where's a good place to get a helmet, i went to this motorcycle shop in renton but nobody would help me and i ended up spending 50 bucks on something that didn't work for me. also, is it illegal to have two people on a moped.

Re: laws in washington

Any motorcycle shop. I prefer a full face helmet for safety reasons, but 3/4 would also work and feels a little "free-er". University Honda on Capitol Hill or Seattle Cycle Center on Aurora both are good places where they'll help you find a good helmet. Yes, it's illegal to ride with two people, though I'm not sure if the cops are aware of it.

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