Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

Moped rider hurt in crash dies


A 67-year-old man who was struck by a car while he was riding his moped near Ala Moana Center last month has died.

Kjeld Sorensen died at 3:21 a.m. Friday at The Queen's Medical Center, police said.

He had been critically injured when a car struck his moped about 7 p.m. on March 24.

Police said Sorensen was in the left-turn lane from Pi'ikoi Street onto Kapi'olani Boulevard when a 1996 Toyota Camry in the middle lane of Pi'ikoi turned suddenly onto Kapi'olani and clipped the moped.

Police said Sorensen was not wearing a helmet and suffered head injuries.

The 43-year-old woman driving the Camry was not injured.

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

Jackson Coppernoll /

Looks like the flood of Moped Death stories is back thanks to Wayne. Even though he said it was to stop back on 12-29-04 on this thread http://mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/read.php?f=1&i=171247&t=171109

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

Vimy Ridgeway /

Don't read them.

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

9 articles including moped trumpet exhausts.

Where's the flood? One death?

I forgot... mopeds are for chasing rainbows and nobody gets hurt, ever.

Whats worse? posting news or patrolling a moped forum with no moderator abilities...

hey you... stop that... or... I'll say stop again.

Lol, nice to see you guys are able to find problems with moped news on a moped board.

It seems YOUR guff is OT crap and I'm posting substance. Why not find something interesting to post or pound sand.. anything so you don't have to worry about some moped news articles.

Nobody reads em anyway-- why bump 'em to the top? buncha food tubes.

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

Double up on the Meds dude!

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

Are you some kind of forum cop?

why are you tagging every post with useless crap?

I'm sorry if you've been apppointed forum monitor and I missed it--

you want to turn every single post into a senseless argument? Tag every post with a rude comment?

Do it, fine. But it's obvious and it's lame. What have you conributed here? I've scanned two different manuals, offered tons of help on moped stereo systems and have been archiving news posts since 2002 and updating a post about moped electronics for longer.

What have you contributed.... seriously now. I've got two threads showing a constant contribution of moped related material going back 3 or four years. I've sent money to Simon for the site. I've listed local moped rides with the paper and am hosting a weekly thurday ride even though it's miserable riding still.

So--- either shut your smarmy pie-hole or make some positive contributions.

A lot of people use that stereo thread and a lot of people enjoy the news-- see the 120 post in which everyone's adding comments.

I'm sick of assholes tagging crappy and negative stuff to my posts. it'd be different if they were contributors--- but to have non-contributors slamming letters to Guinness, news posts, and me in general when I've made tangible contributions online and locally.

Recognize many of the names in the 120 post news thread? No? it's because most of them left to avoid people who have nothing to offer but bad vibes and mouthy comments.

You get simon to send me a note asking me not to post moped news--- and I will. Stramboat had a good point--- not enough people visit the MRA news archive. If he hadn't pointed that out I'd have forgotten to archive it here too.

Thanks--- and maybe contribute some content instead of trying to determine what you percieve as "moped related"

I don't see that you've done much for the community-- on the other hand I know my scanned manuals have fixed plenty of bikes. Tracking moped news for years.

Either add moped content or send the site admin a note-- but if you aren't adding moped info--- just piss off and stop pretending to be a site representative or a make-pretend moderator. If my posts need moderating send an e-mail.

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

From what I've gathered, 90-95% of accidents involving 2-WHEELERS AND 4-WHEELERS at intersections are the 4-wheeler's fault.

This is a good article to spur us to look into that rear-view mirror more often than ever, and `ride like we're invisible'(Thanks,Wayne).

Keeping our brakes,mirrors(2 of them!) lights, and tires in great condition and wearing a HELMET is going to help us ride safely.

It seems it usually is at an intersection..............that's how Trike almost got killed and DID LOSE his leg.

don-ohio (:^)

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

left turns are the scariest on wide roads. I think thats how trike got pegged.

someone speeeding through the light and moped making a slow-ish left.

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

My worst nightmare is a car pulling out of a neighborhood onto a parked-car-lined main road fractions of a second in front of me. They don't make mirrors for that

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

Chris Sorensen /

ummm.... yeah.... interresting that my last name is also Sorensen and my wife drives a 96 Camry.

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

good she can work then while in prison

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

Xyplestop Florbledo /

People, especally young people who have not had accidents yet need to hear this so they drive responsibly.

2 wheeled ANYTING is dangerous and people need to know that accidents happen so they will BE careful?

whats wrong with that??? Its sensible AND on topic.

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

i think wayne's moped news stories are interesting.

Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped


I used to do a lot more searching.. but now I just monitor a few e-mail services. It's always awesome when someone else finds stuff too.

The articles about injury or death are actually pretty spread out--- but an article about emissions doesn't grab the same attention. that's why people get uptight-- it's stressful to be reminded that we ride vehicles that are basically invisible and it's possible to get hurt or killed.

I'm glad someone enjoys the articles.. if the ones about people attaching trumpets to their exhausts got half the posts an accident does it wouldn't seem like the only moped news is bad moped news.



Re: Fatal: 67 y/o rider killed on moped

They are Lindsay.

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