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Is it O.K. to have 2 different kinds of tires on a ped? The back tire is newer than the front (they are both old...but in pretty good shape) but the tread is different. Is this dangerous? Or maybe to my advantage?

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I dont know the answer to your question but my Trac mo-ped is the same way. Its got the origional tires on it and the back ismore of a teethed tread, and the front looks like more of a street tread.

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Reeperette /

Nah, shouldn't be a problem unless their radically different...like a stock Tomos front with a cheng-shin rear...that's a bad idea, yeah.

My preference in such cases is the better tire on the rear wheel, but not everyone agrees with me on that.


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This is the way the Vespa Grande came from the factory. The front wheel came with a 17" x 2.5" ribbed street tread and the rear came with a 16" x 2.75" universal tread. I have three Grandes in the garage and all have this same configuration with original equipment tires on them. I like the way it affects the handling. The larger front tire with a street tread really seems to help in cornering.


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Thanks for the info Chris...That is exactly how mine are. I wonder why VespaSupershop sent me 2 of the same tread when I replaced the tires on my red ciao? But yeah, back is universal and front is street...thats cool cause it means the previous owner didn't mess with the ped too much (like I thought he did...but he still fucked up the carburettor pretty good...)

Thanks again everyone!!!

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I definitely agree with Ree on the rear tire needing to be the better tire.Think of the weight it's carrying compared to the front tire.But don't run worn out tires at all if you can possibly avoid it.I'm getting ready to do a front to rear swap of my aggressive treaded tires,simply to wear them out more evenly.

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