Tomos choke

I noticed when I was trying to remount the air cleaner that the choke on my Tomos is a little cocked to one side. I haven't pulled the carb of yet (when crancked, it will idle and seems to work ok) but was wndering about the choke. The moped seems a little hard to start. I have to kick it over several times before it will stay on. When I turn the coke on, it covers less than half of the inlet and is tilted out. There is also an "L" shaped thing in front of the inlet to the carb, what is that thingy. Is the choke supposed to slide in front of it?

Also, where is the best place to get parts? I checked the prices of a few places and they were actually higher than the Suzuki dealer here in town (they usually charge way way more than other sources for parts). I bought the chain and a center stand from them but need a baffle for my stock exhaust. The previouse owner removed it so its gone and the moped is kinda loud. I would also like to find a source for information on the Tomos for repairs and such. I've looked thru the postings and have gleened a lot of information from here (thanks!) but would like to be able to search a little easier. The local repair shop said that my moped has a 6 volt system because it doesn't have a battery? I didn't think that a battery had anything to do with the voltage of the moped. I have another moped that is 6 volt and it has a 6 volt battery. I'm pretty sure that my tomos targa has a 12 volt system that puts out up to 80watts of juice. It seems like I saw that on the side of the flywheel.

Thanks again for the help


Re: Tomos choke

Reeperette /

>>The local repair shop said that my moped has a 6 volt system because it doesn't have a battery?<<

They're full of it...Tomos runs 12V.

As fer the choke, that sounds like a bent spring/lever....that panel should go all the way across with the little hole in it dead center.

The "L" shaped thing is part of the throttle, that flat panel the cable goes through, with the sping at the top...and retains the panel in that position.

When you throttle to full, the "Shoulder" of that flat panel pushes on the "L" shaped piece and causes it to pull back, releasing the plate...that is in fact HOW you pop the choke off by a yank on the throttle.

Now that ya understand how alla that works, I bet you'll figure out how to fix it soon enough.


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