puch won't run

<HTML>I have a 1977 Free Spirit (puch). I cleaned the airfilter, tank and carb. It has fresh gas, spark, and compression, and turns over fine. But it won't start up and go! Does it have anything to do with the points/breakergap?



RE: puch won't run

<HTML>For an excellent source of Moped Repair info visit Zippy's Moped Garage Discussion Forum.


Lot's of good advice from the experts!


RE: puch won't run

<HTML>Hello Ryan

After you have tried to start it, take the spark plug out and see if it is wet or can you smell gas on it. In other words is gas getting into the cylinder? If not you have a carb or fuel line problem.

Also have you decarbed the muffler and exhuast manifold or port where the muffler attaches to the engine. You can try starting it with the muffler off, (noisy as heck) If it starts, you have a clogged muffler.

If none of this works contact Professor Moped, Shaun at Myron's Mopeds 1-714-992-5591 or Pete at SportsBay.com

Good Luck


RE: puch won't run

<HTML>the points need to be gapped at .15 (anything between .14 and .16 should start up the motor)

you might also have a bad starter coil (the big black thing the spark plug cable is connected to)


RE: puch won't run

<HTML>I just saw your port in the moped forum about your Puch that wouldnt run. I also have a Puch ('78 Magnum MkII) and it sounds like it has a similar problem to what you asked. Mine wont start either, but have lots of spark.

Did you ever get your going? If so, what was the problem?

Any info you can give me would be great!


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