Hey Reep and Chris

Man, sounds like you guys really know your stuff about these things, (mopeds) but around here , I dont (NC) even know where you can buy one any more, I have a catolog from Northern tool and equipment (NorthernTool.com if you'd like to look) and they have a Kinetic TFR for 829.99 dollars I think its the one made in India but I'm not sure ,,,, Seems as though everything is going to scooters, although you guys (the army) have piqued my curiosity so I may go look for a junker to bring back to life,,,,,,,,oh Hey I got my 1963 Cushman Silver Eagle going today and took it out for a spin ,,what a blast,,,,,, anyway if ya'll start working on scooters and a brand new Hyosung comes in with twin tiny headlights (looks like a blue mosquito coming at ya) and they want ya to figure out how to kill the rev limiter , let me know too ,, ok?

You can still get the Kinetic, ya want it.

Reeperette /

You can still get the Kinetic TFR, I've seen em as low as $599.99

It's off the Vespa design, which is solid enough, but has severe quality-control issues on the assembly line, so it requires an extended shakedown and break-in time, usually with several part replacements or re-orders during.

Once you get past that, however....it's a right solid little machine, and some vespa upgrade parts will it it, as will some others with a little modification.

For the price they ask, it's worth it even with the issues and hassles, all in all.

And if you wanna buy local ? try cycletrader online, and the classifieds, you can find a decent used one fairly cheap most times in either one.

Stay away from Ebay tho...most of them want 2-3 TIMES the Bluebook Value.


Re: You can still get the Kinetic, ya want it.

Hey Ree, where did you find a blue book for mopeds?

Re: You can still get the Kinetic, ya want it.

I'm not Ree but I think that you can order one from most any book distributer. I saw the value of several mopeds in a motorcycle blue book at the local book store.

Re: Hey Reep and Chris

The best deals in the local traders are the ones that need work. The two mopeds that I got were for less than 200 bucks. The tomos was covered in grease and the guy that had it had tried to fix it several times and had pretty much gotton a lot of things backwards. I couldn't even get it to roll. He had put a locking roller bearing on backwards so that when the thing was supposed to free wheel, the motor was engaging. When he got it to crank, the motor just spun because the little bearing thingy wasn't locking.

I got a Suzuki Fa50 the same way. They have a tensioner that pushes against the doogamaflitchy that engages with the geared thing that makes the motor spin when you try to crank it. The fellow that I bought it from thought that the motor was stuck and something inside was broken because the kickstarter would flop back and forth. It took me several days to find a schematic of the gears (that guy had tried to do some repairs himself so a few things weren't right inside the gear box (transmission). Needless to say, he started of saying "Alls ya got to do to get it to run is...." that always clues you off to the fact that theres something wrong and he aint got the slightest idea what it is.

Check the trader the day that it comes out!!! the best deals go that very same day.


Well, they don't much list em anymore...

Reeperette /

Most blue books don't list em no more...but when you have a bunch of them, and a long list of per-year value...you can make a right good shot at what the Blue Book would tell you if it was listed.

For example, yer average Puch drops to 70% value in one year, and for the next five drops in stages of about $15/year....so armed with that, you can make a damn accurate guess on what the Book value would be if anyone's listing it.

I do point out when a book value I post is estimated that way, however, cause you do get exceptions...and book value generally means get-on-and-drive-away condition....more or less a full recondition, so most backyard sales should go for a bit less than book.


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