The hells wrong with my ped?

Im not sure if its because its so cold out now, or because it just got back from being services, but its running like shit...Wait, did I say its running? Well, it isnt really running most of the time.

Heres the problem. I cant start it up, period, unless I use the cluth. Pop the clutch on, and itll start right up. I have to take the clutch off within the first 1-3 seconds though or it dies completely. Then, the longer I let it idle, the longer it'l run. I can't go into second gear at all, because when I do, it the moped dies once it slows back down to first. Also, I must move the throttle VERY slowly...To much, and the engine doesn't do anything but stop(dies). The most it'l run for is about 4 minutes...

After it die's, I cant start it up for crap. If I get lucky, it'l start with the clutch. If I keep the cluth on, it dies, if i turn it off, it will idle for about 8 seconds. During those 8 seconds, the piston starts going slower, slower, and then dies.

So anyone know whats wrong? Did the tech people fuck it up when servicing it, or is it just because it's getting colder out? Any help appreciated, thanks.

Re: The hells wrong with my ped?

Ron Brown /

You might try saying what kind of ped it is and what kind of service you had done.

Btw, I think that is th choke you are playing with, not the clutch.


Re: The hells wrong with my ped?

yep, if you're using the choke (on the carb) and you don't give it enough gas after a few seconds to pop it, then the engine won't run long at all. if it's cold, you will need to use the choke to start up your ped. let it sit a second, then give it gas (that releases the choke) and you're in business. you may want to let the engine warm up a bit before riding around.

but you mentioned a second gear ... so i'm curious ... please let us know what kind of ped you have and what you had serviced.

Re: The hells wrong with my ped?

chuck russo (va) /

he has a targa lx, look in the post about the bi turbo.

maybe u need to rejet it cuz its getting colder out and let it warm up on the ceneterstand for about 5 min befor u ride it, i did that about 2 hours ago cuz its very cold here and i let it warm up for about 5 min and drove it 10 miles and it ran fine

Re: The hells wrong with my ped?

Ron Brown /


Most carbs do not have the auto off feature you are describing. You turn it on and off manually.


Re: The hells wrong with my ped?

chuck russo (va) /

on my 87 golden bullet lx when u pull the throttle wide open it turns the choke off if u had it on

not cold here And SAME prob. REE HELP =)

Arterious /

I live in Florida and it is NOT cold here I am having the same darn problem. after its been running with the clutch down for a bit i pop it up putting it at full throttle then slowly rev it up if i don't maintain it JUST right it just dies on me. and if i rev it up to fast then let it go down it dies. I have a 92 tomos bullet TT with an A35 engine "basicaly the same as the targa LX" the chain is not on yet i just rebuilt this thing i cleaned the carb etc. it does have oil injection too.

Re: The hells wrong with my ped?

Crisis--Cincinnati /

I always use my choke to start my moped when it's cold. The good ole choke works miracles, I say!


Arterious /

Ok, its now leaking oil from the back of the muffler when i put the throttle to full.. no matter what i do tho it will NOT idle.

Re: The hells wrong with my ped?

Albert Einstein /

It probably relates to the nut that holds the handle bars,

Perhaps you would like to give us a few clues such as the name of your moped and is it really a moped.

"186,000 miles per second is not only a good idea, it's the law"

Re: The hells wrong with my ped?

D id this start as soon as you picked the moped up. How was it behaving before. If it was just serviced I'll assume that it has a new plug, fresh gas and a clean carburetor. It sounds as though it may have a vacuum leak. We see a lot of Tomos mopeds that have the A-35 engine come in without the stepped rubber intake seal between the carburetor and intake manifold. Also see them come in with the seal backwards. Both will cause simmilar symptoms to what you are describing. In cold weather the symptom is worse because the air is denser when it is cold and the leak will appear to be larger and cause it to run even leaner. Try spraying around the front of the carburetor with carb cleaner while it is idling and see if has any eccect. Might want to spray around the base gasket and reedvalve while your at it.


Imma thinkin clogged airfilter here.

Reeperette /

Clogged airfilter/airbox perhaps....

That would hose yer mix, leading to the problems you describe as well, something worth checking...even if it is such a bitch to get the airbox out.

Back of the carb, the plastic piece attached there, it's supposed to mate to a plastic widget, you see, and it's damn hard to get that to HAPPEN, usually when yer putting the engine/trans assembly back in place....specially if yer liftin it with one hand and tryin to feed a bolt through with the other.

Vacuum leak as Chris stated is another, and my first suspect would be a loose manifold, if that's the widget between the cylinder and the carb, that is....hell if I know what half the parts are supposed to be called, just how to fix em.

Also, Tomos does have a rather longer warmup period than you might think, try leaving the choke on till the engine starts to fourcycle or lug, and THEN pop it off.....poppin off too early can also cause response like that.

And, this is weird, but every Tomos I've owned does it....start em frostbite-cold, fine....start em hot-as-hell, fine....try starting the damn thing warm...NADA, or the same things you guys are reportin - dunno what causes it, but I learned makin a short hop then shutting it off was a bad idea.

Kold/Arterious - try this...pull the throttle to about 1/2 WITH the choke on, and start it, run it for 30 seconds that way if possible, and if need be feathering the throttle (revving, whatever)...then slowly accellerate to full, then give it that last yank to pop the choke off...and see if it will keep going then.

If you know how to do a plug chop and it becomes possible to do so, do it, and lemme know if the mix is rich or lean, that'd help matters, to know.

Rich = more likely clogged: Lean=more likely vaccum leakage.

If that first trick works, then it's a matter of not leavin the choke on long enough for the engine to warm up all the way, and easily solved by simply including that in your startup process.



Yes, I said clutch, and meant choke. Sorry about that. Thanks chuck, your right, I have a tomos targa lx.

I HAVE let it idle for a while before I start it, so I KNOW the engine is not cold (actually felt it). In fact, I had the same problem yesterday, so I let the engine idle for 15 minutes today, and still had the same problem.

I CANT leave the choke on for more then 1-4 seconds, otherwise the ped dies. To turn the choke off, I have to pull the throttle all the way and let it go back.

This kind of just started after I got it serviced. The only other time I had this SAME exact problem, was the first 200 miles I put on the ped.

Ree, I havent tryed holding the throttle while the choke is on for very long. That may work, and I'll try it tomarrow. Also, the thing about them working great when cold and really hot makes a bit of sense...Only mine gets warm pretty quickly. I know cuz I put my hands on the engine when its cold out to keep em warm :P.

Re: Answers

have you tried cleaning your carb? nine times out of ten it's a dirty carb that stops your moped. clean the carb and try again.

Re:had a Harley like that.

If you were gonna crank that thing up you better plan on going 10 miles minimum

it was an 87 sportster , I hated that bike and pushin a Harley aint like pushin a tomos , believe me!!!

Re: The hells wrong with my ped?

mike hartel /

its cold when it gets cold the leaner it sounds like dry lock richin it up.if at all posible do a plug chop get up high in the revs and kill it.if the the plugs tan and it persist your carbs mest up if its gray or white richin it up.

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