Break in jet on 1976 Batavus

I am buying a '76 Batavus moped that still has the break in jet in the carb. I was wondering where can I get a new jet, how much will it be, and how do I install it in the carb? This is my first moped, so I am a rookie. Also if anyone has any tips on how to register the moped in New York state I would be appreciative. Thanks for your time.


Re: Break in jet on 1976 Batavus

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>>I was wondering where can I get a new jet<<

The 1976 Batavus used an Encarwi Carb, so any of the places listed in the "Resources" section of this site should know where to find one.

>>how much will it be<<

Anywhere from $3.95 to $8.95 - all depends on who ya ask and how bad they wanna gouge you for it, most shops gouge on jet prices.

>>and how do I install it in the carb?<<

Unscrew the old one (it's mounted in the side...I'll paste a link to a carb diagram at the end of this post) take the old jet out of the holder, put the new one in the same way and screw it back in, simple as that....and with most Batavus you don't even have to dismount the carb to do it...tho you might have to loosen it at the intake and roll it sideways slightly (don't forget to re-tighten when yer done, or you'll get a vaccuum leak problem...superfast idle, etc..)

Carb Specs for the carb I think that moped has are here.

It's the top diagram, and the part in question is 16/17 - 16 is the jet holder, that just holds it in place...17 is the actual jet itself.

Hope alla that helps some,


Oh, one more point.

Reeperette /

If that's the Ecarwi carb, there's one other thing you really do need to remember.

The float in that thing is just a bit of plastic with a pin stuck through it, and the pin is pointy on one end, rounded on the other.

When cleaning it, it's literally impossible to figure out which way the float goes in the damn thing...leading to upside down float, which means leaking gas and not runnin/running badly.

Easy solution to this problem, figured out the hard way by Fred and myself is thus.

Pointy end of the float points UP - remember that and yer ok.


Re: Oh, one more point.

or u can just go to the encarne part of the sight

it has prices there too

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