Puch Transmission Fluid?

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<HTML>What type of fluid is suposed to go into a 1978 Puch Maxi transmission? The guy I got the mopeds from said regular tranny fluid. Can this be right? Or is it suposed to be something special?


RE: Puch Transmission Fluid?

<HTML>The Puch does use automatic trans fluid. The one I had specified Ford type fluid. (Type F which is now called Type FA)</HTML>

RE: Puch Transmission Fluid?

<HTML>u can also use type A for faster shifting</HTML>

RE: Puch Transmission Fluid?NO!

<HTML>It specifically takes 90W gear oil. Don't put that s#$% in there. Go to pep boys, get a blue tube it think it is made by CRC, it says 90W marine oil. It is better than tranny fluid. Protect that Puch. The other oil is too fine and will grind up the gears over time. That is the reason "it is faster if you use the other stuff", meaning it is not protecting as well.</HTML>

RE: Puch Transmission Fluid?NO!


RE: Puch Transmission Fluid?

<HTML>you just need any hydro static trans mission fluid. Type F is called out in the original/offical PUCH repair manul. 1 speed requires 5.74 ounces, 170cc. 2 spped is 9.5 ounces, 280cc. Warm up the engine, maybe ride it around for a half hour first. Remember to use the "peep plug" take out that bolt after you drain it. Fill it up till it comes out the hole. If you put to much in it will just suck.</HTML>

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