air/fuel adjustments on carb

<HTML>Does anyone know if the air/fuel mixture can be adjusted on early 70's motobecane's?I am having trouble with low end bogging and I think that this will rectify my problem. If there is any advice please let me know.</HTML>

RE: air/fuel adjustments on carb


I just worked on a friend's 1972 Mobylette 50V.

It has a Gurtner carb on it.

It appears to be a "slide" type carb.,similar to a Mikuni.

This usually means that the adjustments are jets, located by removing the float bowl.

The only adjustment you may see on the exterior is likely the idle screw.

The"bog" you mentioned is most likely the result of one of the jets being either dirty, or being gummed up with varnish from old gas.(very common)

The jets can be removed and cleaned then re-installed.

While the jets are out is the time to blow compressed air through all the passages.

Good luck Dave


RE: air/fuel adjustments on carb


I just looked at that carb again.

There is access to the main jet from the outside of the carb.

It is brass and is located at the bottom, below the point where the carb mount mounts.

Remove the carb, then it is easily removed from the carb body with a flat screw driver. Then do your cleaning as necessary.


RE: air/fuel adjustments on carb

<HTML>If there are two adjustment screw on the carb you can fix your problem and add to your speed.</HTML>

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