ok Fred

check out http://www.taffspeed.co.uk/technic/50ccauto.htm to see how to get speed out of a scooter ( not a moped ) scooters in England are like Harleys over here ,,, they are painted, chopped, souped up, everything you can imagine, I dont mean to argue with you ,,, obviously you have a good knowledge of records and racing (have a little dirt bike experience myself) But these people are trying to get serious power out of (legal) scooters and have been for probably 40 years , sure some of them go to 70, 90 and 110 cc kits because they are available there, they get stroked and tweaked and Index the plugs and every trick that is known to mankind, but again these motors will not last, so we all look for a happy medium, my Hyosung will go 32 but it should go 50 with no problem if I could just find the rev-limiter.. My apologies if you feel that I offened you Roger

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