Tomos chain and grease

I am going to have to get a new chain for my tomos targa, I was trying to figure out what kind of chain it is. It looks sort of like a #41 chain but I wasn't sure and didn't want to get the wrong thing. I also didn't want to get ripped off at the dealer. Does anyone know?

I saw a post a while back about someone having a lot of oil on their chain but noone gave an answer as to why it got so greased up. I noticed that on my bike, It slung so much grease out that it splattered all over the rear tire and made it black. The chain itself is covered in what appears to be new grease. it this from the oil pump that sits in front of the sprocket?


Re: Tomos chain and grease

BTW, I'll make damn sure that the moped is off before messing with the chain after seeing those pictures. I've crunched a few bones in the tips of my fingers but never cut one off.

Re: Tomos chain and grease

Your tomos uses a #415H chain. It is a size exclusively used on mopeds. You should be able to get one for $15.00 and they will ususally cut it to the length that you need for free if you know how may links you need. (count the number of rollers in yoiur old chain). Regular oil is bound to fly off at high speeds. If you use a product made for chains such as PJ1 Chain lube it will stay put much better. No need to over oil either. only the rollers need to be lubricated.


Re: Tomos chain and grease

Reeperette /

I mostly just use the same grease you'd use to pack bearings with....only problem is it tends to pick up more grit over time than other lubes, so ya hafta flush and relube it every once-in-a-while.

Chainsaw lube seems to kick ass, when I ever remember to buy any.....


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