damn cell phones

chuck russo (va) /

i was almost hit by a car because the jerk was on there cell phone and wasnt paying attention .

i was going down the road i had a green light so when i was about 10 feet away a jerk on a cell phone didnt see that he had a red light and drove out into the intersection and missed me by less than a foot i am so glas i was riding in the left (there wernt any cars behind me)of the lane because if i was on the right side i would be in the hospital right now. i pulled over and put my ped up on the centerstand and got off it and stood in the middle of the damn road and bitched at the jerk on the cell phone i called him everyname in the book and the ass was still on his cell phone during all of this. then i got back on my ped and contiuned on my treck

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gimmyjimmy /

Re: damn cell phones

Reeperette /

I wonder if a device could be constructed to jam the fucking things in a small area.

That would be nice, especially if it could be rigged up to a moped electrical system, you wouldn't have to worry so much about it no more...just lock it in the "on" position, and one could be assured they won't be hit by anyone using a cellphone instead of drivin....give it a range of like, 300 feet or somethin.

I wonder how feasible it would be.....

Mind, I don't much care how LEGAL it would be...the only folks with any reason to complain would be those dorks breaking the law (at least where I live) by jabbering on a cellphone whilst driving...anyone else you'd be past before noticed more than a momentary service interruption.

The principle of that is the same as catchin a no-warning load of rocksalt from me...illegal, perhaps....but the only way that's gonna happen is if yer in my yard, tresspassing and trying to steal from me, so in order to make a legal issue out of it, you have to admit guilt yourself...and most folks won't, simple as that.

I bet it would severely reduce incidents like yours chuck....


Re: damn cell phones

chuck russo (va) /

maybe u can modifiy a radar and laser jammer to jam the cell phones

Re: damn cell phones

XBrandon EdgeX /

Yeah, but would jamming up there phones make them hang up and continue to drive, or would they stard messing with their phone (hitting random buttons to see if it "fixes" it) and distract them from their driving even more?

Re: damn cell phones

chuck russo (va) /

good point

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I sat at a redlight today on my moped and watched the cars go through the intersection in front of me....I swear, and no lie, the first 5 cars that went by all had drivers with a cellphone stuck on their ear....they were males and females....

I'm glad I can't see this going on with the butthead who's tailgating me on my moped....it's too scarey to think about...we need to ban those things, really.

I just saw on tv tonight a good one.... a cop car had a video camera running, he pulls up alongside a totally distacted driver....the driver is in his own little world and doesn't even notice the cop car and the cop pointing for him to pull over....the jerk had a cellphone in one hand and was drinking a milkshake with the other hand....the cop probably wanted to know just what the hell he was using to hold the steering wheel with !

Re: damn cell phones

Statistics say that whan a Woman is using a Cell-Phone, 90% of the time it is not for business. The male statistics are just the opposite.

So, I get a bit more bothered by the ladies-- chatting about a tea party or a sewing circle.

At least, statistically, the guys are using the phones for business.

Re: damn cell phones

Wayne! You male chauvinist pig! Just remember the guy is 90% more likely to have a fifth of `Ol Grandad between his legs.JUST KIDDING, Buddy! I think cells are great if they'd just make people get the hands free models.(:>)

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