?? Honda PA-50 Big Bore Kits??

<HTML>Does anyone know where to get a big bore kit for a 1979 Honda PA-50? Any information would be appretiated... Thanks</HTML>

RE: ?? Honda PA-50 Big Bore Kits??

<HTML>Well, here in Europe you can still get them. Polini has a 70cc liquid cooled cylinder, malossi sell's a 21mm carb for the pa50 and also a 70cc liquid cooled one. You can also get 65cc air cooled, 60 cc; and I heared about 90cc examples.

There are also Power filters, vacuum-pumps, different gear ratio's...Gigantic race-exhausts.... Butt pieces are getting more rare with the years, Scooters are taking over here bigtime....PFFFF, scooters...


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