CHRIS! (---.piscataway-12rh16rt.nj.dial-access.att

LoL, you never seem to read my posts in other threads...Your addy thing says your from piscataway, and you refer to yourself as working at a moped shop...PLEASE tell me especially where this shop is, and even if you'd like where in piscataway you live. It would be awesine if its somewhere close, cuz your shop you work at sounds really good, (alot better then steves/andys, where I've been going) not to mention andys (I dont go to steves much mroe) is far as hell. I lived in pway for the last 10 years, and just moved to middlesex less then a month ago.

Re: CHRIS! (---.piscataway-12rh16rt.nj.dial-access

We are not actuually in Piscataway. That is just where My ISP is. Our warehouse is in Hawthorne and we are currently doing repairs out of Paramus (both are about 15 minutes form Steve's. While we await the closing on our new building (also in Hawthorne).


Ahh, okay...

LoL, well it was worth a try.

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