Just got a bi-turbo...

...Installed for my tomos targa lx. Not that much of a speed increase. It used to do 32 (top speed,on a long run). Now, it does 37. However, the acceleration is much, much better. It accelerates about 4 times as quick now.

LoL, the guy was an idiot. He was saying it would do an extra 8-12. I've never heard of a bi turbo adding that much, unless of course you added a shitload of teeth to the chain sprocket thing.

Anywayz, it cost me 95 for the bi turbo, and 45 to get it installed.

Next up

70 cc speed kit. Better start saving again, lol looks like it will be a while :P.

Re: Next up

dont bother with the kit. be satisfied with 50cc, or get a motorcycle.

Re: Just got a bi-turbo...

In my opinion $95.00 is way too much for the biturbo. In anyones opinion $45.00 to install it is insane.! It is a dirrect bolt on and the entire process can be done in less than 5 minutes using no special tools.

5 miles is all your going to see out of it unless you were having problems with your old exhaust. Rumors of 40,45, and 50 with jsut a biturbo are gross exagerations.


Re: Just got a bi-turbo...

chuck russo (va) /

45 to install it? omg what a rip off i installed mine in under 5 min its only 3 bolts and a gasket

Re: Just got a bi-turbo...

Have to go with Chuck on this one, I've taken my exhaust off 3 or 4 times and its a four bolt procedure on a 2002 model so 45 bucks for labor is crazy, but hey live and learn

Re: Just got a bi-turbo...

if allyou did to your targa was to add a biturbo, you can still get more speed w/o a 70cc kit (which are junk). get a larger carb and manifold, play w/ jetting, a larger front sprocket and maybe do some porting and polishing. you can do more than 40mph.

but .. much faster than that and you lose some of the fun feeling of riding a moped.

Re: Just got a bi-turbo...

Crisis--Cincinnati /

too bad that you don't have a Puch. It takes like 5 minutes to install a biturbo, one screw and two bolts!

Re: Just got a bi-turbo...

I dont wanna get a larger sprocket, cuz then I lose acceleration, and thats big when riding out there with other cars.

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