Stunts etc.

Has anyone tried any stunts on a moped? Like wearing full dirtbike gear and taking jumps, or riding down stairs?

Re: Stunts etc.

Actually on some of the scooter homepages there are plenty of pics of scooters burning out and doing long wheelies, they are raced in many countries and do jumps around dirt tracks,,,,, with the correct gearing and power a 50cc machine can go 90mph(of course these motors are only good for maybe 25 hours or so) but, they should be very roadworthy and lasting if built to go 50 mph or so

Re: Stunts etc.

chuck russo (va) /

i can ride a sic wheelie on my 87 golden bullet lx thatrs about it

Re: Stunts etc.

I've ridden my moped down stairs, the long gradual kind (drop 4 inches, extend 2 feet). I was only going 10-15, though.

no suspension

peds don't have the kind of suspension (or frame strength) to do that kind of stuff

you would break them in half with a major jump

I'm sure you could find a crazy stunt rider who would do it...but the ped would be a twisted broken heap after a few tries

And Rog... 50cc bikes won't do no 90mph (even with gearbox's)... the Bonneville records for 50cc are mostly around 65 to 75 mph.

There are a few records faster than 75mph... but those are manufacturer team bikes that are one-off specials.. with engineers and technicians right there working on them.. and very expensive and fragile.

I think the record (Kriedler) is actually 128mph for 50cc

I will try to post a link to a wild bicycle stunt here in a minute if I can find it.

Re: Stunts etc.

chuck russo (va) /

this isnt about mopeds but ill post it anyway.

last summer me and a few friends built a 3 1/2 foot jump out of dirt next to this pond and we would take our bikes to the top of this hill and hit the jump pedaling as fast as we could and we would fly a good 20-25 feet from the shore and we would get a milk jug with some rope on it and hold it in our hands and right as we jumped we would throw the milk jug so we could find the bikes easier. it was cool we did it all summer and a friends of mine actually pulled a back flip off it. the most i could do was a 360 bar spin or some sick supermans

Re: Stunts etc.


I took mine down a flight of steps at the community park up by me ( Deer Park). Its about 18 steps down. But there spaced so that both wheels drop to the next step at the same time. I also took it off my friends BMX bike jump. Thats how i wound up with a flat back tire and a decent dent in the rim. It is a heavy mo-ped. Heavy enough that u need two people to put it in the back of a truck. All that weight landing in one spot off a 3 foot high jump was too much for it. Now my back rim has a little wiggle to it when I ride. ;)

Trac Man

Re: no suspension

well Fred, If i can find it I'll email it to you it was actually 89mph and any 50cc dirt bike worth it's weight in oil will top out at 65mph so tweaking and gearing will easily get it 20 more mph, but as I stated the motor wont last long, much as they say in nascar a motor running 200mph for 3 or 4 hours is equivilent to a regular car going about 100,000 miles


Rog... I race motorcycles.. I have raced motorcycles for over 20 seasons.

And there are very few actual 50cc 'dirtbikes'... and most of them are restricted to having automatic trannies... and they DO NOT do any 65 mph.

Like the LEM and Polini and the KTM and the Cobra.

And the PW50s are even slower.

And the ones that will do 65 are already pretty high strung... and it is not that easy to get another 20 mph out of them.

Here are the 50cc Bonneville records...see many 90 mph ones ??

Only ONE is over 83 mph... and that was a manufacturer team.

So... it is not as easy as you seem to think.

(you could always go and prove you know more than these people)

50CC A-BF Jim Ahrens Kreidler 8/81... 75.697

50CC A-F D. Packard Suzuki 8/73..... 80.949

50CC A-G Jim Ahrens Kreidler 8/79.... 78.190

50CC APS-BF Jim Ahrens Kreidler 8/80.. 77.247

50CC APS-F D. Packard Suzuki 8/70.... 82.264

50CC APS-G Jim Ahrens Kreidler 8/79... 79.129

50CC M-F Jim Ahrens Kreidler 8/79..... 81.314

50CC M-G Jim Ahrens Kreidler 8/79.... 78.827

50CC MPS-F Jim Ahrens Kreidler 8/79... 81.606

50CC MPS-G Jim Ahrens Kreidler 8/77... 81.986

50CC P-P Teresa Wagner Aprilia 8/95... 73.419

50CC S-BF H. Muller NSU 8/56.......... 121.700

50CC SC-F Team Galbraith Yamaha 9/01... 37.561

50CC SC-G Team Galbraith Yamaha 9/01.. 39.924

Re: Stunts etc.

On my 2000 Targa, while going at speeds around 15 or so, I could make the front wheel bounce.. shocks were fairly responsive, I guess.

Not exactly a major stunt, but a couple times I got the wheel bouncing at least a foot or so off the ground...

Not using the gas like in a wheelie, just using my body to lift and then bounce along.

Re: not

chuck russo (va) /

the cobra 50 is one badass bike, i was at my local track and some 7 year old was tearing it up on a cobra he was hitting the same shit i was on my 125 and he was doing no handers and no footers he was good.

my uncle is buying my cousin a ktm 50 or kx 60

i had a 89 kx 125 and then had a 92 cr 125 with varner race motor and i think it was motor works suspension and a fmf pipe but my neighbors complained so i sold it now im looking to get a mid 90's 125 or even a 250 possibly cuz my friend has a 95 yz 250 and i can handle it fine so i might just move up

Re: not

i'm not into stunts. i'm cruising.

Re: Stunts etc.

Reeperette /

>>peds don't have the kind of suspension (or frame strength) to do that kind of stuff

you would break them in half with a major jump<<

That's sorta true, but one thing you can pull on a moped (and I've done this, but reccommend YOU don't) is a "flyer" jump....that being off a very shallow ramp or from a level higher surface to a level lower one.

Depending on the "hit" take certain risks, bottoming out is VERY bad for your transmission, and the frames ain't built to take it, although the one TTLX with reinforcement bars probably woulda done well enough, it was wrecked before that.

As for insane stunts....lets see...(details, but only if ya ask)

Getting clock cleaned by salt truck...

A Flyer-jump of nearly 1-1/2 standard traffic lanes and 4 vertical feet - which was unintended and will NOT be repeated....

One of those bicycle trick 180's from and back to a 3/4 pipe skateboard ramp.

Riding through that one hurricane that tore the hell out of ocean city, Md....but the storm was so spent when it hit baltimore that doesn't really qualify.

A time/endurance race from Far South Baltimore, Laurel, MD - multiple times.

Getting pogoed out into an intersection cause I chose to stop at a yellow light and the dillwad cagepusher behind me didn't....

Getting totally pasted by a car in a Tbone collision of combined speed 70+mph.

Riding with only one leg attached (if you don't think that's a stunt...TRY it once..)

Any use of a chain weapon from the back of a moped (if that qualifies..)

Meeting a tree branch quite intimately at 30-some MPH....

Towing a buddy on a skateboard (road-surfin we called this) on 20 feet of rope wound around the cargo rack.

Towing a disabled moped the same way (with rider, of course).

And...I dunno is this qualifies either, but what the hell...on a Tomos trike, from a dead stop at idle, slamming full throttle, going into a spin 180 and hitting second gear before it had pulled the full 180 buddy nathan about pissed himself watchin that.

I've found, in riding mopeds for like 17 years.....that mosta the REALLY crazy shite you wind up doing is either purely accidental, or pure desperation.


Re: no suspension

Reeperette /

Fred Sayeth...

>>I'm sure you could find a crazy stunt rider who would do it...but the ped would be a twisted broken heap after a few tries<<

I'd volunteer, but Imma gettin a wee bit too old and battered for that sorta thing anymore...catch me in the right mood though.....

Oh, and Wayne ? I wear a helmet and motorcross armor under my jacket when I's one of the reasons I happen to still be riding, cause it's saved my tail many a time.


Re: Stunts etc.

chuck russo (va) /

i almost got the shit knocked out of me today. it was like 8 pm tonight and i rode my ped about 5 miles to the shopping center to pik up some chinees food and i was hauling ass down the road i was going like 35 and the light was green so i was going through it and some jerk on there cell phone didnt see that he had a red light and missed me by about 1 foot i was so shaken up after that. i pulled over on the side of the road put my moped up on the centerstand got off it and stood in the middle of the road and yelled obsinities at the dumbass on the cell phone

i was so pissed, 2 peole on cell phones have almost hit me in the last week and i had green lights both times

Re: not

Fred buddy look what your talking about most of these records are 20 years old

no one goes to the salt flats anymore with 50 cc bikes,,,,,,,,, I had a friend in the 70's with a 50c suzuki that topped out at 65mph, I'm talking a bout scooter racing, its not done here in the states that I'm aware of,,, but in Europe scooters are a huge industry......btw they will be here too when gas is 5 bucks a gallon like it is there,,,,,,,,,, and again these bikes only last for a few races its like taking a Briggs and Stratton 5hp motor for gokart racing, you can get 18 hp out of one but only for a while

bicycle stunt almost succeeds

Here is that bicycle stunt.. mpeg

the guy gets towed by a van to a ramp and tries to land on the top of a building... and he doesn't quite make it.

This takes 5 or 6 minutes to load on a 56K modem... so go do something else while it loads.... its pretty funny

Re: not again

No Rog... you have jumped to a conclusion... you don't get into the record books unless you set a NEW record.... so just because the record is 20 years old doesn't mean that people are not TRYING... they just are not BEATING the old record.

In other words... thise 'old' records are damn fast.

(but I will agree that not a lot of people try for 50cc records)

And.. take another look at them... the ones with the letter "F" in the description?... are running Fuel (like nitromethane or alcohol)

See the PP record in '95'?

I know her dad (he builds the bikes for her)... they own about 7 Bonnie records total now.

By the way... you didn't offend me at all ... but people tend to make wild claims all the time about speed and performance... I like to find the truth.

And I suspected that what you were talking about WERE 50cc bikes.. and they DID go near 90mph... but they all have big bore kits on them.. so they are not 50cc any more.

(I have not checked your link yet)

The point is ... you will never see 50cc scooters or mopeds going 90mph.. or even near it.

50mph is not too hard to get.

Re: Stunts etc.

Crisis--Cincinnati /

I catch air off of sewer caps, and jump off curb inclines, but that's about it...Ask daveb with the deceptigons about getting too crazy. He cracked his frame in half once!

Re: not again

They should have more stipulations than just 50 cc in my opinion. For starters The YSR is a 5 speed no? For that matter I have a full race MB5 that has been converted to a 7 speed that will tromp any fully race prepped YSR. Maybe next year...


That's just twisted

Reeperette /

Excuse me while I wipe the coffee off the screen and try to blow it out of my me sick, but I found that devastatingly funny....I've DONE shite like that....results included !


Flyer Jumps (better explaination)

Reeperette /

What a "Flyer Jump" a very shallow jump where the intent is to get a maximum of horizontal travel (off the ground, of course) with a MINIMUM of vertical travel....therefore you don't have the slamming impact that would bottom out a moped.

The "Ramp" we used for smaller flyer jumps was 4 feet long, but only 18" yer not talkin a lotta distance in either direction, but hey, it was fun....hitting the ramp as fast and smooth as possible was the trick, and so was doing what BMX'ers used to call a "bunny" right off the edge, close as ya could.

Not a sport for the squeamish, but not too extreme, neither.


Re: Flyer Jumps (better explaination)

Rich King /

Okay here is my one & only "jack-ass stunt". This one won't get you into the bonnie speed record books, but it has the potential to get you a Darwin Award real ez if something goes bad.

One Sat. morning last spring, I was talked into drafting a friend, on my 76 PUCH w/70cckit, behind his 10 wheeler dump truck. Everything went fine for a while (he says we were doing better than 60 mph, my speedo was long ago pegged out at 40 mph) when we passed a group of Harley "RUB's" out for their AM cruze. I was so scared I couldn't pay attention to see the look on their faces, but another friend who was riding along in the cab said they all had their mouths wide open. I really got scared after that and backed off the throttle!! I'm sure the ped would have done more. But sanity and stupidity do have their limits.


Re: Flyer Jumps (better explaination)

I'm guessing you're tired of living Rich.Of course I could be wrong,but that's nearly the stupidest stunt I've heard of.Not puttin' you down,understand?Just tryin' to Freud(figure) you out and warn you at the same time.What a psyche !!

Re: Flyer Jumps (better explaination)

Rich King /

Hey at the time it sounded like fun. You know NASCAR drivers do it all the time. But into the "stunt" it got real scary quick. You are right !! It is a stupid & dumbass stunt. Back in my "wilder motorcycle riding days" I used to do it on a Victor 441 (remember that one - - just a big "1 lunger" w/a compression release) behind trucks on I-95 & NJ Turnpike. No problems just saved gas & didn't get blown around by the "big rigs". On the ped, man thats a different story, they are not made for speeds like that and you have a hard time breaking away from being "sucked along" by the truck.

I have a friend, also from the old days, who now lives in Baytown, TX and he says he does it every once in a while on I-10 his way to work. It must be a slow day at his business. But then again he races 50 cc Pocket Bikes for fun. (You've got to have a few screws loose to do that anyway) At the time I figured, what the heck, early Sat morning, nobody around, why not try w/a ped. The two guys in the dump truck still laugh about it w/their Harley buddies at the bar I work in part time. Maybe that is the reason the "inducted me into their club (i.e., gave me a MC tee shirt). Rich

Re: bicycle stunt almost succeeds

Rich! I still stand by my previous statement: You NEED an evaluation! LOL ! Just be careful,O.K.?Cowards are living longer nowadays.

Re: bicycle stunt almost succeeds

Rich King /

You are right, I guess am still crazy after all of these years. The "stunt" last spring was very foolish and I was extremely lucky to have survivied it w/o injury. Like I said, that was my one and only "jackass stunt".

My most recent moped escapade doesn't even come close to the one last Spring. I recently had a high proformance exhaust kit (Techingas) installed on my Derbi Atlantis scooter. Pick up is slower but top end will keep you up w/traffic on most roads (i.e. has the performance of an old Vespa and looks similar). Well last friday, I decided to drive it all the way to work rather than parking it at the commuter train station. 31 miles on "side roads and hwys" into the office, no problems. On the return trip in the evening, I decided to cut off about 8-10 miles of the trip by driving 3 miles down an Interstate Expressway. Thankfully it was clogged w/traffic and the top was 35 mph which was no problem for the little Derbi (Friday PM's are always very slow). I just moved right along like everyone else. While a couple of my motorcyclist friends said it was crazy, but I didn't think it was anymore dangerous than riding home on the other roads because of the high volume of traffic & low speeds. Rich

Glad you realize....

...... that you played with death or dismemberment and survived.`Peds aren't built for high speed and super handling.They lack the necessary weight to get great traction on curves or bumps,too.

Mr King

Mr King... Are you playing it coy with us ?

It so happens that I know that YOU are the number 1 factory Harley Davidson dirttrack racer.... : )

<IMG src=""> ;

seen here waiting for the start of the Daytona AMA pro dirt track race

(that is Rich King from Iowa)

Re: Mr King

Rich King /

Nope, not coy at all. You guys just asked for dumb stunts and I told you my "jackass stunt" on the hopes that no one would be stupid enough to try it. Granted it is dumber and probably more dangerous that riding down stairs on a PED. But none the less I did own up to it.

No I am not the Harley Dirt Track Racer from IA. However, in my wilder days, I did ride a Norton and go watch the Isle of Man races in the UK once. I decided early on motorcyle racing was not for me. As I said, I am just an older guy who got back into mopeds as a diversion from depression (divorce after 15 yrs of marriage). Also, as an alturnative to driving to the commuter rail station. After enjoying the peds thru the summer, I finally got "De Fever" again (aka "Bike Fever") and recently bought a motorcycle ('71 Honda 750 Chopper), but my first love is still the 76 PUCH ped. My goal (aka Stunt) for next year is to enter and finish the Potomac Valley Vintage Motorcycle Club's Spring Poker Run on the Ped. Last year I entered got lost and ran out of gas. (See Post dated 04/23/01). This year I plan to carry a spare can of pre-mix and have better luck at reading directions.


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