Anyone got a 78 Ciao for parts?

I am looking for a carburettor, r-hand side cover, and spedometer. If you have a parts ciao, please let me know and we can work out a price. Thanks!!!!!

Re: Anyone got a 78 Ciao for parts?

have you got any money left to pay for parts after las vegas

Re: Anyone got a 78 Ciao for parts?

Yeah, I took 200 to gamble with and came back with 100. I lost more than I won, but I did win, and was smart enough to walk away before I pissed all my money down the drain.

Do you have a ciao for parts? Or were you just wondering for wondering's sake?

Oh, and by the way, Vegas kicks ass. I walked a pair of shoes into the ground, and saw so much cool shit (and drank enough free drinks) that I can't even remember it all. If anybody is going there soon, be sure to check out the Luxor and the Venetian. Each cost more than a billion dollars to build, and it shows.

Re: Anyone got a 78 Ciao for parts?

just wondering. bruce

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