i am a dumbass

chuck russo (va) /

my moped finailly runs good so now i take it all over and now that i bought a lock for it i go into stores and get stuff and i had been wrapping the lock where the top tank meets the forks and just today i relised that if someone wanted to steal it all they would have to do is just pull the cable over the tire cuz its a 6 foot coiled cable thats about 3/4 inch thick now i am putting it through the rim

what do u all do with your helmets when u go into stores? i have been attaching mine to the cable cuz i just use my dirtbike helmet

Re: i am a dumbass

i don't wear a helmet ...

also, use a kryptonite brand ulock. i go through the back shocks and rims, so you can't even peddle the bike or anything. also lock down to something solid.

Re: i am a dumbass

chuck russo (va) /

i used a specialized brand lock, its exactly like a kryptonite. my moped shop wanted 50 somthing for a kryptonite lock so i went to the bike shop and bought mine for 25

Re: i am a dumbass

yeah, any ulock is good. i just prefer ulock. oh, and i only paid about 25 for mine, too.

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Chris--cincinnati /

I don't wear a helmet either....

U-locks are where it's at!

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chuck russo (va) /

u locks are gay, they dont fit around big stuff like trees. in va its a law that we have to wear a helmet

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I use a U-lock and a chain/padlock, when I'm riding I slip the ulock through the back part of the seat and bungee it to the rack to keep it from rattling. How I lock it up depends, if Im going to be 20 minutes or less I only lock the rear tire to the frame so it cant be ridden, if I'm going to be longer, I ulock the rear wheel AND lock the front to something (street sign, tree, etc). Usually it is me & my girlfriend riding together, in which case I lock back tire to front tire then chain the other front to something.

Re: i am a dumbass

i like ulocks. chains are fine, too. but i can always find something to lock to w/ my ulock (e.g. "no parking" signs). they're also easier to attach to my moped while i ride it.

and i don't wear a helmet just because i'm not required to by law. i would otherwise, i guess.

Moped thieves are reprehensible, despicable slime.

Reeperette /

I use about 30 feet of plastic-coated elevator cable...you can't cut this stuff with bolt cutters, and the lock I use is a pin-across type that cannot be cut either.

I make sure to loop it through the rear wheel, around the frame, back through the front wheel, etc, to secure every piece someone might run off with...and find an object that cannot be hacksawed through quickly (which leaves out many signposts).

You can buy the cable at Home Depot, as well as the lock, and of course, anyone touching my moped is in for about the rudest "shock" of their life (Model Charge1K anyone ?) due to an additional security rig to keep their hands off.

For the ultra determined who might actually make off with it, there's also a radio beacon (off the same battery as the zapper) and I will come for my 'ped, and itchin to rocksalt someone in the process.

Having had 80% of the mopeds I've ever owned stolen or vandalized into oblivion, yeah, I can get pyschotic about it, sure....but my moped is MINE, and I intend that it stay that way.

Any mall personnel telling me I have chain it to the bicycle rack gets serious attitude from me right away, that's how my first moped was stolen, a nice 1984 Puch Austro, too....they unbolted the rack itself and heaved it into a truck.

As for U-locks, they do ok, cause most folks don't have an old volvo jack laying around, there's a trick to bustin em that way.

One thing to look out for is attempts to "ground" your moped so the thieves can come back later when less people are around and make off with it....ripping the ignition coil wire out seems to be an all time favorite...along with slashed tires.

Oh yah, and one last word of warning, cause I had this happen once....some assholes think it's funny to loosen your wheelbolts or disconnect your brake cables on your while you're shopping - before you get on yer ped, CHECK, or you might be sorry.

As for the helmet...no one would want mine, battered as it is, but on most occasions I just carry it with me.

People are pricks....


PS - My suggested method of handling "grounding" attempts is to linger nearby with a handy negotiation tool, such as a baseball bat, tire iron, etc - not only does word get around to stay AWAY from yer wheels, there's a personal satisfaction factor, and you might just get replacement cost out of it.

Re: Moped thieves are reprehensible, despicable sl

Only thing I've got to say is:Miguel and Chris,you should at least wear a bicycle helmet.They're so light you don't even notice them on your head and you can wear a ball cap with a visor under them to dip your head a little when it's raining and still be able to see.Also keeps the bugs from your eyes when you do that.Just thinking of your health and safety!

Re: Moped thieves are reprehensible, despicable sl

Rich King /

Hey Chuck:

Ride over to Patriot Harley in FX City and buy a locking helmet cable. They are amazingly strong for their size. George and Carol at MPG don't carry them yet. I've seen them on most of the Harley's outside of my part time employment, the Sunset Grille, in Annadale. While it won't foil determined theives, it just doesn't make it ez for them (they can't yanked it in half or cut it with wire cutters). It is a small cable that goes thru the D-ring or an ear hole and then around a secure portion of the bike or in your case Moped. Good Luck!


Re: Moped thieves are reprehensible, despicable sl

I still like Ree's idea of `the SHOCKING EXPERIENCE'if I could figure out how not to electrocute children.Have you read his posts on those high voltage deterrents?

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